What are the famous places in Dmitrov to see ?

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What are the famous places in Dmitrov to see? Dmitrov is a town and the administrative centre of Dmitrovsky District in Moscow Oblast, Russia, located 65 kilometres to the north of Moscow on the Yakhroma River and the Moscow Canal.

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Famous places in Dmitrov to see

  1. Museum-Reserve Dmitrov Kremlin
  2. Boris and Gleb Monastery
  3. Church of All-Merciful Saviour
  4. House-Museum of Kropotkin
  5. Yuriu Dolgorukiy Monument
  6. Sculptures on the Kropotkin street
  7. Park Beryozovaya Roshha
  8. Frog’s Museum
  9. Earth Mound
  10. Cathedral of the Assumption
  11. Dmitrov Regional Museum
  12. Fountain Ozhidaniye
  13. Dmitrov Train Station

Museum-Reserve Dmitrov Kremlin

Dmitrov is one of the most ancient towns in the Moscow Region. It was founded by Prince Yury Dolgoruky in 1154 to mark the birth of his son Dmitry. Dmitrov was one of the fortress towns of Vladimir Suzdal Land. A number of monuments in Dmitrov remind of the terrible days of the Great Patriotic War. The monument “To the Defenders of Moscow” has raised on Permilovo Heights in 1966.

Hot Air balloons

Dmitrov hot air Balloons are quite famous among tourists and you can’t afford to miss this ride

Boris and Gleb Monastery

Famous Places in Dimitrov to See

The dominant feature in the landscape of historic Torzhok is the Monastery of Sts. Boris and Gleb, are situated on the high right (west) bank of the Tvertsa River. It was the subject of several photographs by Prokudin-Gorsky.

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Church of All-Merciful Saviour

famous Places to see in Dimitrov Church of All-Merciful Saviour

House-Museum of Kropotkin

It was a unique museum and a public institution. Anarchists that survived Stalin’s cleanings were grouped around the museum. Of course, it could not last long. From 1929-30 GPU systematically destroyed the remnants of the anarchist movement. Many of the museum staff were persecuted as well. The widow tried to keep the museum by passing it to the Soviet government.

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Yuriu Dolgorukiy Monument

The Statue of Yuriy Dolgorukiy is an equestrian statue that commemorates the founding of Moscow in 1147 by Yuriy Dolgorukiy. Dolgorukiy was the Grand Prince of the Kievan Rus and a member of the Rurik dynasty.

Sculptures on the Kropotkin street

A nice look at old Russia.

Recognition of a European-influenced history. Each one of the sculptures tells a story and is described in English.

Park Beryozovaya Roshha

Berezovaya Roshcha (Birch Wood) is one of the most popular places among Dmitrov’s inhabitants. It used to be a savage corner in the 90s but after careful renovation become a leading attraction. You could hide here from the city noise, relax by the cascaded fountains which are alighted during the summer nights and transform into futuristic precious huge stones that shimmered from inside in winter. Popular among local kids for cycling, skateboarding in summer and skiing in winter. Little wood in busy surroundings.

Frog’s Museum, Dmitrov

Frog's Museum, Dimitrov Famous places in Dimitrov to see

A small and very nice museum with a symbolic fee (25p) for a small exhibition. The museum also offers all sorts of souvenirs: toys, decorations, gingerbread, brooches, sneakers, etc. On the second floor is an exhibition of paintings.

Earth Mound, Dmitrov

Amoundis a heaped pile ofearth, gravel, sand, rocks, or debris. You will be happy to see this creation of nature

Cathedral of the Assumption, Dmitrov

The Cathedralis a very beautiful building in Dmitrov, and you have to spend little time visiting!The Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the 19th century, houses a finely carved iconostasis

Fountain Ozhidaniye

A nice built fountain in the city can be pleasant for your eyes 🙂

Dmitrov Train Station

What are the famous places in Dimitrov to see ?
Dmitrov Train Station

As we already know Russia is famous for its train stations be it any part of the country, Dmitrov railways station is also quite popular among tourists

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