Will Europe raise concerns over Qatar’s Emir thanks to Putin for Support on FIFA world cup

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Qatar’s Emir thanks to Putin! Recently Qatar’s Emir have categorically thanked Russia’s president Vladimir Putin for “great Support” over FIFA world cup. Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and the event was successful. Four years later, with the change of host of the FIFA World Cup, the world’s politics has also changed. Russia has annexed Ukraine, and the war is ongoing. On the one hand, Europe and the USA are supporting Ukraine, whilst Russia receives no direct backing from any nation.

Qatar is also standing on the neutral side in this issue, however also have a good investment made by and in European countries. Also, European nations plays very important role in FIFA World cup events. It is also to be noted that most the of the committee members of FA are Europeans.

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Will Europe raise concerns over Qatar Emir’s thanks to Putin for Support on FIFA world cup

Well, western countries have a propensity to react immediately when the other country supports their opponent. After the war started, there were a number of instances in which European nations and the United States of America attempted to repress countries who want to establish a conversation with Russia. Those instances were seen by us. Looking at the history, we wont be surprised if Qatar will get something to hear about it soon.

Report about the discussion between Qatar’s Emir and Vladimir Putin

His remarks came at the same time that the head of the organising committee for the World Cup, Nasser al-Khater, warned against the tournament becoming a “platform of political statements.” This warning came in response to the fact that several captains, including England’s Harry Kane, have plans to wear “One Love” armbands during games.

The Emir of Qatar has expressed his gratitude to Vladimir Putin for Russia’s significant assistance in the preparations for the 2022 World Cup and said that he is “proud” of the friendship that exists between his country and Russia.

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani went out of his way to compliment Vladimir Putin at a meeting between the two on Thursday in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Why Nasser al-Khater, warned against the tournament becoming a “platform of political statements”

He referred to the FIFA World Cup as a “Platform for Political Statements,” because the fact that many people are looking to bring attention to political as well as social concerns by tying them to the FIFA World Cup. Whether it be the hijab controversy in Iran, the abuse of migrant workers in Qatar during the building of FIFA facilities, or LGBT rights. Every new day there is a new controversy arises.

England’s captain has made it clear that they will wear the “One love” band regardless of FIFA’s decision on same. He said, England is ready for any punishment FIFA will give them for wearing a band. They are wearing one love band to send a massage against “Any Kind of Discrimination”.