Activities to do in Moscow?

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Moscow is a city where you will experience the culture of Russia Here you will find everything from medieval and Soviet, glass skyscrapers and innovation centres. People living in Moscow are generally known as Muscovites, the city’s approximately 12 million residents, and are always on the run, so be prepared to keep pace with your energy. Activities to do in Moscow?

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Activities to do in Moscow 🙂

Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

Bolshoi Theatre Moscow

Drawing on 235 years of history, this is the place to see the world-class performance. The ballet and opera companies perform both classic and modern works. A romantic night out.

Moscow Zoo

This attraction offers a few great hours of entertainment, thanks in particular to the arctic animals, such as the polar bears and arctic foxes. Cheap, and kids even go free.

Pushkin Museum

This museum of fine arts is the largest of its kind in Russia and offers a particularly impressive collection of Renaissance works, including masterpieces from Botticelli.

Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin, Russia

This grand turreted complex, with gold domes punching the skyline, is quintessential Moscow. Walk through the numerous palaces and cathedrals, taking in the spectacle and history.

Tretyakov Gallery

Tretyakov Gallery Moscow , Russia

To learn about Russian art, a tour of this gallery is a must. With more than 17,000 pieces, the collection spans early religious paintings, all the way up to the modern day.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

Situated in Red Square is the final resting place of Vladimir Lenin. To see his body, visit between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM and expect to leave bags and cameras behind.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral

Sightseeing in Moscow isn’t complete without a visit to this amazing architectural gem. Its colourful, patterned spires and fairytale feel decorate the corner of the Red Square.

Mosaics and metro stations

Metro Stations , Moscow

The gorgeous entrances into the city’s underbelly look more like grand halls than subway stops.

Every single station is different. Colourful mosaics and stained-glass windows adorn the walls of some while glowing chandeliers dangle from the ceilings of others. Each one is like its own mini gallery, waiting to entice the more than 2.4 billion passengers who use the subway system each year

Bunker-42, Moscow

HERE’S AN AMAZING TUNNEL SYSTEM snaking beneath the streets of Moscow, leading to a secret cold war fortress once code-named “Bunker-42.”

Designed and built after the first series of nuclear tests by the Soviet Union, these tests revealed that the optimum depth for the bunker’s silo must be no higher than 165 feet beneath the ground in order to survive nuclear fallout intact. The task for the builders was enormous: construct a gigantic structure beneath the city streets without damaging Moscow’s existing infrastructure of streets and communication pathways. To do so would alert the public and innumerable unknown spies to the existence of the bunker, thereby rendering the entire (read: top-secret) thing useless.

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