What is Saint Petersburg famous for?

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What is Saint Petersburg famous for? Saint Petersburg is equipped with stunning architecture, as majestic palaces and cathedrals jostle for space alongside its many canals and waterways. Located at the mouth of the Neva River on the banks of the Gulf of Finland, it is the second-largest city in Russia after Moscow. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703 and was the capital of the Russian Empire.

It is also called ‘the City of White Nights’ due to its endless summer days:)

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ? Let us put some light on it 🙂

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State Hermitage Museum

The second-largest art museum in the world after the Louvre in Paris, the State Hermitage Museum’s vast collection is remarkably spread across five buildings and 360 rooms in the center of Saint Petersburg. Founded by Catherine the Great, an avid art collector, the huge number of paintings, sculptures, and antiquities were added to by various tsars, and it was Nicolas I who opened them to the public in 1852.

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Church of the Savior on Blood

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

Inside is just as majestic as its fantastic exterior; every conceivable surface is coated in astonishing mosaics of saints and icons. After having been ransacked in the Russian revolution, used as a morgue in WWII and as a vegetable warehouse in Soviet times, the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ – to give it its official title – has thankfully been restored to its former glory.

Peterhof Grand Palace

Commissioned by Peter the Great to outshine the Palace of Versailles with its opulence and grandeur, the Peterhof Grand Palace certainly makes a good go of it. Covering a considerable area, its series of palaces and gardens are simply spellbinding to wander around, with beauty, art, and nature on show wherever you look.

Catherine Palace & Park

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

Inside are a number of lavish ballrooms for you to explore. The Golden Enfilade of staterooms is the undoubted highlight, while the Amber Room and Grand Hall are also must-sees. Named after Catherine I who commissioned it, the palace is set in some fantastically laid out and landscaped gardens; these are perfect for taking a relaxing stroll in after all the overwhelming splendour you’ve just taken in.

Kronstadt Naval Cathedral

While its beautiful cupola and facade are delightful to gaze upon, its cavernous interior is no less impressive, as grand chandeliers and mosaics look down upon its marble floors and columns. As it is located just a short ferry ride away from Saint Petersburg, it is well worth spending half a day or so in Kronstadt to see the town and its gorgeous cathedral.

St Isaac’s Cathedral

One of the largest cathedrals in the world of any denomination, St Isaac’s gargantuan size is certainly staggering to behold; its enormous gold-plated dome is visible from almost anywhere in Saint Petersburg. As it took 40 years to build, grander and more elaborate designs kept getting added to the original plans: over 100 massive columns were erected alongside several other smaller domes.

Peter & Paul Fortress

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

Besides its fascinating historical sights and interesting exhibitions that relate to the Russian revolution and Imperial Russia, the fortress also hosts a number of festivals, events, and concerts during the year. In addition to this, the sandy beach that lies at the foot of its wall makes for a popular sunbathing spot when the sun is shining.

General Staff Building

This was erected to commemorate Russia’s victory over Napoleonic France in 1812 and has some marvellous statues perched atop it. Once the headquarters of the general staff of the Russian armed forces, the eastern wing of the beautiful building is now part of the State Hermitage Museum and houses a stunning array of awe-inspiring art pieces.

Yusupov Palace

Built-in the 1770s and named after the wealthy Russian noble family that owned it, the colossal palace remarkably even boasts its own private theatre. In addition to all its many riches, Yusupov Palace is famously where Grigori Rasputin, the Russian mystic who was believed to have influence over Tsar Nicolas II, was murdered in 1916.

Mariinsky Theater

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

A fitting setting for all the world-class dancers, singers, and musicians that have performed on its stage over the decades, the lavishly decorated concert hall really is a delight to gaze upon.

Named after the wife of Tsar Alexander II, the Mariinsky Theater is one of the best places in Saint Petersburg to watch a show, along with the Mikhailovsky Theater.

Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art

In addition to its fabulous permanent collection, the museum also regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, as well as shows and performances. Beautifully laid out and presented, its brilliant artworks and sleek design usher in a new ‘Era’ of ‘Art,’ and this is what lends the museum its name.

New Holland Island

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

Built in 1719, the artificial New Holland Island is so named because the waterways and canals all around it make it look as if it has just popped up out of Amsterdam. The triangular island came into being when Admiralty Canal and Kryukov Canal were dug to connect the Moika River to the Neva River – and by extension, the Gulf of Finland.

State Russian Museum

Occupying one entire side of Arts Square in the center of Saint Petersburg, the State Russian Museum is a fabulous place to head to if you want to learn more about Russian art. Established in 1895, the museum is located in the enormous Mikhailovsky Palace, which itself is a work of art: the Neoclassical building is home to lots of exquisite rooms and galleries.

Alexander Nevsky Monastery

What is Saint Petersburg famous for ?

Sprawling over a vast site, the Alexander Nevsky Monastery is one of the most important spiritual centres of the Russian Orthodox Church and is still in use to this day. Founded by Peter the Great in 1710, it is located on the spot where Alexander Nevsky – a former prince and now the patron saint of the city – is said to have defeated the Swedes in battle in 1240.

Faberge Museum

Containing over 4,000 artworks, its refined rooms and sophisticated galleries showcase everything from porcelains and paintings to intricately carved and ornately designed bronze, silver, and gold objects.

The undoubted highlights are the museum’s nine Imperial Easter eggs that Faberge himself created for Alexander III and Nicolas II – the two last Russian Tsars. Bedecked in jewels, they shimmer and shine in the light and exhibit some exquisite and elaborate craftsmanship.

What is Saint Petersburg famous for?

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