Is it safe to travel to Russia during the war with Ukraine?

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Is it safe to travel to Russia during the war with Ukraine? Russia has invaded war against Ukraine which is in a very critical stage at the moment. Russian troops are already in Ukraine and are trying to get hold of it. We shall not be discussing the reason for the war, however, it is very important to put light on the impact of war on travel.

There are many people around the world who have plans to travel to Russia and Europe but they are confused about it. Shall you travel to Europe during the war? or to Russia? Let us discuss more it.

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Is it safe to travel to Russia during the war ?

Technically speaking, Russia is too large to be afraid of visiting and Ukraine is too small in comparison. It would depend on the region one is planning to visit in Russia. Although there is an attack by Russia on Ukraine, however, there are other superpowers that are backing Ukraine in this war. If in case war persists the same way, there might be a possibility of the next world war.

Countries like the USA, The UK etc are providing Monterey as well as armed support to Ukraine. Also, there are sanctions implied on Russia by various countries that might create issues for Russia.

Risks Involved in travelling to Russia During War –

Counter Attack by Ukraine and its Allies

Although the possibilities are quite less than Ukraine and allies can get inside Russia to attack. However, the world scenario has become very unpredictable. if in case superpowers like the USA, UK, France will join hands with Ukraine, then retaliation to Russia cannot be ruled out.

Removal of Russia from SWIFT payment systmen

Many countries have already terminated Russia from their SWIFT payment system after the initiation of war by it. SWIFT is a banking system that facilitates payment money transfers between two international banks. The impact of removal from SWIFT payment system might be very devastating. No one would be able to transfer money in and out of Russia even in case of an emergency. As a foreigner/ visitor, it could be a very big issue for someone in Russia.

Air Space Restrictions

Many nearby countries to Russia are opposing the war and implying sanctions on the country. If in case the war gets extended, there might be a possibility that countires will not give air space to Russian crafts. Also, there might be a pause on flights from these countries to Russia.

This can lead to a total Shut down of travel or long-delayed flights because of longer sir space routes.

Assumption of Nuclear war

Looking at the current scenario, nuclear war cannot be ruled out. Where Russia is the strongest nuclear power, Ukraine is also looking for nuclear weapons from its allies. If the war persists like this, there might be a possibility of Nuclear war and total closure of Air space around the world.

Anti-war sentiments in Russians

As per the international media, Local Russian civilians are not happy with “Putin” initiating war against Ukraine. If it is true then there might be a chance that local peace and harmony inside Russia can get disturbed.

Inflation and Economical Loss in Russia

The war is not only destroying Ukraine but also affecting the economy of Russia. Many countries have already stopped trading with Russia as a result of sanctions. The prices of commodities in Russia are already increasing. In the next few days, we might start seeing the effect on the Russian economy which will disturb state peace in Russia.

Should one use Public or Private transfers in Russia?

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