What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

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What are the famous places in Vladivostok? Vladivostok is a major Pacific port city in Russia overlooking Golden Horn Bay, near the borders with China and North Korea. It’s known as a terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, which links the city to Moscow in a 7-day journey.

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What are the famous places in Vladivostok?

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Vladivostok Fortress

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

Vladivostok Fortress is a system of fortifications built from 1889 to 1918 in Vladivostok, Russia, and the surrounding area. During construction, lessons from the Russo-Japanese War were taken into account, so this is the most fortified of all the fortresses built at this time.

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Vladimir Arsenyev Museum

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

History, culture & archeology collections at a townhouse museum named after an eminent geographer, Vladimir Arsenyev Museum.

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Golden Horn Bay

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

Zolotoy Rog or the Golden Horn Bay is a sheltered horn-shaped bay of the Sea of Japan, located in coastal Primorsky Krai within the Russian Far East. Vladivostok, which lies on the hills at the head of the bay, is a major city and Russian port on the Pacific.

Botanical Garden

Botanical garden & arboretum with thousands of plant species from around the world & a forest trail.

n 1953, the city opened a well-kept beach with water stations, several solariums, sports grounds, and an amusement complex. Since then, this place has been given the name “Sport’s Harbor”, or “Wellness Harbor.”


What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

Today, people come to the Sports Harbor embankment to hang out at a cozy cafe and enjoy the sea views, or just take a leisurely stroll along the shore. However, the water is not good for swimming anymore.

Primorsky Aquarium

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

The official opening of the Scientific and Educational ComplexPrimorsky AquariumFEB RAS took place on 3 September 2016 with the participation of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and in presence of the ex-Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and other top-level officials. Being built by Vladimir Putin’s order, Primorsky Aquarium became a part of the National Scientific Center of Marine Biology, the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (NSCMB FEB RAS) – the first Aquarium in Russia included in the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Organ Concert

This pipe organ is actually quite special because it is the first pipe organ built on site in the Russian Far East. The church commissioned Cealwyn Tagle, a Filipino organ builder along with his company for the project. While other organs certainly exist in the Russian Far East, this one has been built specifically for the Catholic Church in Vladivostok, and Tagle carefully considered the acoustics of the building as he worked on the project.

Primorye Safari Park

The Safari Park is a fenced plot of forest located right along the Vladivostok — Nakhodka highway, near the village of Shkotovo (about 70 km from Vladivostok). Those travelling in the direction of the popular seaside beaches Livadia and Triozyore often stop here on the way.

Square of the Sister Cities

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

This square is located at the intersection of the Semenovskaya and Pogranichnaya streets in the very Vladivostok׳s centre. The citizens often call this square «The Square with elephants».

Dynamo Stadium

The Dynamo Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Vladivostok, Russia. It is currently used mostly for football matches and is the home ground of FC Luch Vladivostok.

Triumphal Arch

A triumphal arch is a monumental structure in the shape of an archway with one or more arched passageways, often designed to span a road.

Marine Cemetery

What are the famous places in Vladivostok ?

The Morskoye Cemetery, which was opened in 1903, is located to the south of Vladivostok, just before reaching the bridge to Russky Island. It is located approx. 8km from the centre of town and the route is serviced by many buses. Note that the cemetery is on a hill, and will require quite a bit of walking from the bus stop.

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