What are the basic requirements for joining LestacIndia publications?

Founders do not believe in qualifying policies; we evaluate applicants based only on their skills:)

How Do I Apply for Employment?

Send your CV to career@lestacindia.com if you would like to join LestacIndia. Our staff will review and provide a response within forty-eight hours.

How will I learn whether or not LestacIndia has an opening?

If there is a job opportunity, it will be advertised on virtually all major job websites, and you may use Google to find out.
You may always send your resume to career@lestacindia.com, and our team will respond within 48 hours with an update on your application status:)

Can I find work-from-home or part-time employment?

We feel that our team should be well-connected and coordinated, which is not always achievable when working from home.
People have believed that part-time travel jobs are possible! According to our extensive industry knowledge, it is the most competitive field on the market. LestacIndia has no part-time employment opportunities.
However, we can consider it if it is content writing projects or internships.

How can I apply for a content writing opportunity at LestacIndia publications ?

Depending on the content, you will be supported if you want to publish blogs as a guest without the goal of generating backlinks for other websites.
If you want to be a full-time content writer, kindly send your previous work to career@lestacindia.com.Also mention that you are applying for a content writing opportunity.

Does LestacIndia.com provide internship opportunities?

We do regularly run our internship programs throughout the year. However, it is to be noted that we never pay for content writing internships.

How can I apply for a travel executive job in Lestacworld ?

LestacIndia is the domain under Lestacworld, but Lestacindia is working as a publication. If you want to apply for a travel executive job, kindly mail to career@lestacworld.com