What is the minimum qualification required to Join LestacIndia?

Founders does not believe in qualifications policy, we judge candidate on the basis of skills only 🙂

How Should i apply for Job ?

If you wish to join LestacIndia you can share your resume at – [email protected] . Our team will check and post a reply within 48 hours 🙂

How will i get to know if there is a requirement in LestacIndia or Not ?

If there will be job opening it will be posted on almost all big job portals and you can search on google to know .
You can always share your resume at [email protected] and our team will reply you in 48 hours regarding current status 🙂

Can i get work from home or part time job ?

It may sound old fashion but we believe that our team should be connected and well co-ordinated ,Which is not always possible while doing work from home .
We have seen myth in people that travel job can be done part time ! As per our vast experience in the industry it is more demanding than any other field in the market . There is no part time job option at LestacIndia

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Ourt sales team is a team of professional travel executives keeping utmost importance for us. These travel executives are given proper detailed training of the destination with the influence of local team operating at the destination itself . These are our machine guns who work 24X7 on serving customers .


Our Marketers are the communication channels of LestacIndia and connects company with the outer world . 
For any company it is very important to adapt marketing strategies to grow in the market and these marketers do exactly the same .
Be it on Social media platforms or on ground


With the growth of the company and changes in the taxation environment of company it has become very important for us to maintain all our accountings.
Budgeting , financing and for-casting is also essential and finance team plays the role .

Product Development

Creating up to date products as per the requirement of the market and customers is very important to make impact and as name suggests this team is always 24×7 working on this cause .

Content Designing

Everything which is posted on social media , website or via print distribution is designed by content designers only.
In this era of Internet content designers are more important for any business

Media Interaction

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