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Are and the same? is the company’s root domain. This domain emphasizes the trips and activities that may be booked online through the site. However, Lestacworld also includes the domain. It is a recognized publishing domain inside the Lestacworld network. In the LestacIndia domain, everyone contributes information in the form of articles, including the founders, specialists, experts, guest bloggers, customer reviews, and content writers.

Is Lestacworld a legitimate company?

Yes, Lestacworld is a viable proposition functioning in three nations. In the United States, the company is officially registered as Lestacworld LLC in the jurisdiction of Wyoming. In Indonesia, it is registered as C.V. LestacNora in Bali, while in India, it is registered as Lestacworld LLP in Maharashtra.

Who are the founders of was founded by Mr Adit Sarin and Ms Ruchita Bhatt in 2015.

About LestacIndia publication ?

The goal of the publications produced by LestacIndia is to provide readers with information that is both factual and useful on a wide range of subjects, such as travel, sports, and other aspects of society. Since we began in this line of work many years ago, our business has been publishing articles. There is a group of readers that follow our articles with the highest commitment and excitement, and we are grateful for their support. Our publishers are working hard around the clock to present their points of view, and their efforts are commendable.

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About us: We are not “Jack of all TRADES, Master of NONE.”We are a team of skilled, experienced, and professional holiday planners.

Adit Sarin & Ruchita Bhatt

2015 marked the beginning of our company’s activities, and our board of directors came into the business with many years of prior expertise in the travel sector. The domain name “” is registered to “LestacWorld Holiday Planners,” which is a limited liability partnership (LLP) corporation as required by the law.

We came to the conclusion that the only goal of everyone in the market is to sell their packages, but not one of them is informed about the destination. The customer is coerced into booking a package that does not even meet their requirements and is thus unsuitable for them. This problem is present not just with small travel agencies but also with all of the major companies, as those businesses have simply recruited marketing salespeople to offer the product in question, regardless of its nature.

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USALestacworld presence in USAIndiaLestacworld presence in India
AddressAddress – Jl. Nusa Indah, Gg II No. 8, Denpasar Timur, Pin Code – 80235Legal registered Address in USA – Gould St Ste R, Sheridan, WY 82801Address – Office No.09 Aditya Shagun Mall, Pune, Bavdhan
License Details EIN – XXXXXXIndonesia License No. – 0706220061383GST Business Registration No. – 27AAIFL4852H1Z3
Legal NameLestac Nora Bali Lestacworld LLC Lestacworld Holiday Planners
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