The palace of wheels is now open for destination weddings, corporate meetings and wedding Photoshoots

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The Rajasthan state government has given its initial approval to open the majestic doors of the Palace on Wheels, renowned as one of the most luxurious trains globally, for various events such as destination weddings, corporate meetings, and wedding photoshoots.

Event TypeFeatures
Destination Weddings– Magnificent backdrop of the Palace on Wheels
– Promotion of Rajasthani culture and Vedic wedding traditions
Corporate Meetings– Luxurious setting for corporate gatherings
– Enhanced appeal for business events in Rajasthan
Wedding Photoshoots– Stunning location for memorable wedding photographs
– Adds grandeur to wedding memories
The palace of wheels is now open for destination weddings, corporate meetings and wedding Photoshoots

Key Points:

  1. Tourism Strategy: This decision is part of a strategic move to position Rajasthan as a leading tourism destination, both nationally and internationally.
  2. Enhanced Appeal: The Palace on Wheels, known for its elegance and luxury, will soon serve as the backdrop for destination weddings and other events, enhancing the appeal of such occasions in Rajasthan.
  3. Cultural Promotion: Allowing the Palace on Wheels for destination weddings is expected to not only boost the allure of such events but also promote appreciation for Rajasthani art, culture, and Vedic wedding traditions among international tourists.
  4. Memorable Moments: Couples opting for the Palace on Wheels as their wedding venue will not only make their moments more memorable but also serve as tourism ambassadors for Rajasthan and India.
  5. Implementation: Government officials are currently devising plans to open the doors for such events starting this season, with the preliminary approval already secured.
  6. Booking Facilities: Online bookings for these events will be facilitated, with specific dates and pricing details to be announced soon, according to Principal Secretary (Tourism) Gayatri Rathore.
  7. Luxurious Setting: Operated and maintained by the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC), the Palace on Wheels offers a luxurious environment for events, making Rajasthan an ideal choice for destination weddings.


Rajasthan, known for its rich heritage properties, is poised to elevate its status as a premier wedding destination with this visionary initiative. This ambitious move not only adds grandeur to special occasions but also showcases Rajasthan’s commitment to hosting culturally rich and luxurious events, enhancing its global tourism appeal.

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