India to Canada Via Maldives

Though direct flights have started, however still it is a better deal to travel via 3rd country.

India to Canada Via Maldives – Indians who are sty-ding, having PR or Work Visa in Canada and are stuck in India want to reach Canada anyhow. With the Ban on direct flights from India to Canada people are forced to travel via the 3rd country route but is still operating, are their availabilities, will it be safe to travel? Well, Many have these questions because first of all there were very few 3rd country options.

Now India to Canada via the Maldives is becoming a new favourite for people and that is for a reason we all know:)

India to Canada via Maldives

Is Canada opening its gate for Indians on 15th July ?

Well, if you ask any small and big travel agency they will say that the Maldives is opening on the 15th for Indians and you can do your layover there 🙂 It’s not that it is not true but it is a half-truth.

As per the Maldives, they will start issuing on Arrival Visa from “15th July tentatively”, they will check the situation of Covid 19 of the respective country and only then allow entry.

Is it safe to stay in Maldives city ?

In the last month, there are many people travelled through the Maldives to Canada and they stayed in the city, however, the local public is not happy with south Asian people coming to their respective land.

There are many Indians who were found positive In Maldives hotels and these resorts were shut due to the reason.

It should be safe, but one should be ready to be extra careful 🙂

Can one easily get Hotels in Maldives city ?

No, it is not that easy – there are many resorts that are not accepting quarantine packages and those who are accepting are quite full, one can start researching on it and try to get the valid authentic option.

Should we not book a travel from India to Canada via Maldives ?

You can book travel from India to the Maldives but you should keep some points in Mind –

  • If you can wait for some more days to get clarity on rules then it will be best
  • Try to book an accommodation in an affordable island resort far from City
  • Get your RTPCR booked from here only
  • Know about cancellations if any
  • Check other routes also that are fully open

What are the Forms that are required to be filled to travel to Maldives?

Health Declaration forms at MaldivesIMUGAportal. Health declaration needs to be filled at least 24 hours before departing from India

What is the cost of Covid 19 test in Maldives ?

The cost of the Covid 19 test in the Maldives will be a minimum of USD 80 in the city and can be high at island resorts. It should always be included in your layover package.

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  1. manohar singh negi

    hi can u book my package via maldives? and what would be the cost?

    1. Nikhil Rana

      yes can you please also tell me

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    Can someone help me to book a ticket to toronto via Maldives from india if yes please help and wht would be the costing??

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  4. Anureet

    Why are students going through such expensive packages. I saw on Make my Trip there are flights via london hearthro and abu dhabi. Why are students not choosing them? Are they not operative.???

  5. Keshab

    Want to travel to Toronto from.india.

  6. Praveen

    Hi Team,
    I am planning to travel on 30th august. can you please let me know the fare and what all will be included in the package for this travel.

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    Almost 265000/-

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