India to Australia Via 3rd Country Indirect route

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Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India . We request you to please obey with all the guidelines issued by Indian govt and that should never be breached.

India to Australia via 3rd Country Indirect route – Well there are many Indians who work or Study or are resident of Australia but are stuck in India and they very much want to get back . Unlike Canada or USA , Australia is very much strict inletting people enter their borders . They have already won the battle against Covid and at the last moment they would not want to loose it .

How can i travel from India to Australia via 3rd Country Indirect routes

What is 3rd Country Indirect route

3rd Country indirect routes is the old term that got famous among travellers in Covid times , in this unprecedented period many countries have put ban on Indians due to Delta variant.For this reason Indians are forced to be quarantined or getting tested at countries where they are allowed and that is also being accepted by the final destination.

Can i travel to Australia Via 3rd Country ?

The answer is yes if –

  • You are Traveling from New Zealand(Which is not possible if you are in India)
  • You are Australian citizens and returning permanent residents
  • You are an Immediate family member of Australian citizens

Those claiming exemptions mustapplyto the Australia authorities

What is the 3rd Country indirect route option from India to Travel to Australia

Maldives on its official website has given a note that it is opening doors for South Asian countries from 15th July , though they will also do a situation check at the last moment but there are very much chances that Indians will be allowed.

Yes Maldives can be the biggest game changer for Australian citizens, returning permanent residents and their families to get back to Australia .

Maldives is the safest option for you to travel from India to Australia .

Are their flight connectivities from Maldives to Australia in covid times?

Though there are very less flight connectivities from Maldives to Australia because Australia has closed its doors for almost every country , but still if you will get an expert advice this route can be accomplished. Also there are no direct flights so a route will have to taken in consideration as per experts advice.

What are quarantine rules if i travel from India to Australia via Maldives

  • All travellers need to go into government approved mandatory quarantine for 14 days Travellers may be tested for COVID-19 in the first 48 hours and then between days 10 to 12 of quarantine. If you refuse testing, you may have to quarantine for a longer period. Exact testing arrangements depend on states and territories.
  • State and territory governments are managing the current quarantine arrangements including –
  • Transporting travellers from their arrival point to their accommodation location for institutional quarantine
  • Managing quarantine arrangements in the accommodation facility
  • All travellers need to necessarily quarantine for 14 days even if you plan to travel elsewhere in Australia
  • Once the quarantine period of 14 days is complete, one can travel within Australia while adhering to state and territory domestic travel restrictions – these restrictions can include further quarantine requirements

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