India to Canada Via Albania route is Valid !

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India . We request you to please obey with all the guidelines issued by Indian govt and that should never be breached.

While we already know India there is so much of Hotch Potch going among people who wants to travel to Canada from India . Though Canada has already imposed the flights Ban but it has also left the option of flying form 3rd Country . People in India in May and June travelled Via Mexico, Serbia, Egypt and even from Ethiopia but now there are very few options left for them.

No Availability in Serbia route made it very expensive, availability issues in Mexico, Visa processing at Egypt and Ban on Ethiopia , everything in the nutshell is a mess.

We are from last 2 months working on only 3rd country departures and have sent almost 300 people to countries like Canada and Saudi Arabia, which means we have knowledge and experience .Lets connect 🙂

Can I travel from India to Canada Via Albania

The answer to this question is Yes you can travel to Canada via Albania 🙂 But not on every flight , there are technicalities which shall be handled by the experienced . Dont do it in hurry without expert advice otherwise you will end loosing money more than what you wanted to save .

Has any one travelled to Canada Via Albania ?

We have already sent students and work visa holders with Valid visa to Travel to Canada via Albania without any failure .

Is Albania a safe country to have layover

Albania is totally safe with peaceful people, they are welcoming and will treat you with respect . Obviously one also has to behave properly when in other unknown country .

Will we have to take Albania’s Visa ?

Before April 2021 Indians were required to take visa for Albania but now it has been waived off . Which means one can travel to Arbania for a short visit without applying for a Visa.

What is the approximate cost of layover package of 2 nights in Albania ?

The approximate cost of layover package in Albania starts from 300 USD to 500 USD including transfers , RTPCR test and accommodations, depending upon the hotel categories.

To which City in Albania one should do a layover ?

One can do a layover in Tirana (TIA) in Albania

Who can help us booking a travel from India to Canada Via Albania ? a subdomain of Lestacworld holiday planners will help you booking a travel from India to Canada via Albania

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  1. Divya

    Can you share the quote for 21st July ?

  2. Sri

    I travelled from Mumbai to Montreal via Tirana on 2nd June.
    Mumbai- Tirana ( via Frankfurt)39, 643 INR
    Tirana- Frankfurt- Montreal- 564.78 Euros

    Tirana airport you have RT- PCR and can get in 90 mins .
    Don’t waste money by going with travel agents

    1. Jaya

      Dear Sri,
      I am in desperate need of travelling to Canada through this route. Various agents are like misguiding by their own itineraries, group bookings and asking hefty money. Can you please spare a while and mail me on, your experience?
      Thanks a lot.

    2. Deepali

      Dear Sri ,

      Please do not misguide about travel agents , as myself a travel agent we take care of many more things than booking just the flight and charging and that is filling online form , getting approval from canada immigration , getting approval from third country where you are transitting for 2 days , we sit overnight to get seats available for client coz airlines do block all seats and release in such a way so that direct clients has no choice but to book whatever is available . We have expertise to guide about any immigration issues with each individual . This kind of comment on a travel agent is not a good thing to do , think about their years of experience as well .


      1. Shabeena

        Hi Deepali, well said, can u pls help me book a ticket to Vancouver via Tirana on the 19th of August 2021. My WhatsApp number is 9839977886. Pls give complete package cost with itinerary.

  3. Satnam Singh

    Please bro share your contact info because i want to travel through this route

  4. Prem Kamal Raj s

    I want to go to Canada via Tirena from Mumbai or delhi
    Please provide the steps or any travel agent contact number

  5. Prem Kamal Raj s

    Anybody is going to tirana,albania from chennai by flydubai flight?

  6. Saurabh Yadav

    I want to travel via this route please if you can contact me at and help me with the bookings

  7. Razia

    I want to travel from india to canada via albania I’m an international student i want to travel after 21st aug

    1. Mayank

      Hi Razia,

      Did you get any response from them ?

    2. jasitha

      hi ,
      have you booked your tickets. we are also planning to travel the same dates.
      Please reply.

  8. Mayank

    Hi Team,

    I am looking to travel from 21-24 August as a student to Canada, can you please connect with me.

    1. jasitha

      hi ,
      have you booked your tickets. we are also planning to travel the same dates.
      Please reply.

  9. Y P Rao

    Hi Team

    My son has to travel to Toronto between 5th Sept to 10th Sept.

    can you give travel options via Albania (Tirana ) or some other viable option.

    My whats APP number is 9840884145.

  10. charu

    We are also planning to travel to Montreal from Delhi in sept 1st week. We are family of 3 (couple+kid).
    Can u pls give travel options via Albania (Tirana ) or some other viable option.
    My contact number is 8826822445

  11. Ganesan

    My son also wants to go to Toranto via indirect way for his higher studies. Can you provide the details

  12. Ritika

    I am looking to travel to canada between sep 9-10 via albania. Please let me know if there is any option.

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