India to Italy via Serbia!

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India to Italy via Serbia – Italy, one of the early countries that got affected by the Covid deadly wave. They have already tasted this poison and that is why they are not taking risks. Italy has imposed strict travel bans on mostly all the countries that are currently at risk of Covid.

There are many people in India who want to travel to Italy but are stuck. These people are forced to travel to Italy via 3rd country indirect route.

India to Italy via Serbia

Serbia is becoming one of the most popular layover junctions for Indians to travel to the USA, Canada, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Japan as well as Italy 🙂

Who is not allowed to fly direct to Italy from India?

Until 30 August 2021, passengers who have been in or transited through Bangladesh, India or Sri Lanka in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter and transit.

This does not apply to:
– nationals of Italy residing in Italy since before 29 April 2021;
– nationals of Italy registered with the A.I.R.E.

How many nights are required to be spent outside India(approved country) to enter Italy ?

It is required to Spend at least 14 Nights outside India in an approved country to enter Italy

Can one fly from India to Italy via Serbia ?

Yes, as of 11th August 2021 anyone who is spending 14 nights in Serbia can fly to Italy with all valid Visa documents in hand.

Is there any Quarantine rule in Serbia for Indians ?

Yes, One will have to get Quarantined for 7 days after entering Serbia.

How many Covid test are required to be done after reaching Serbia ?

After reaching Serbia, the Covid RTPCR test on the 9th Day and on 7 the day is required to be done.

What are the travel requirements from India to Serbia ?

Read official announcement by Serbian Govt

From where can i get the arrangements done for my travel from India to Italy via Serbia ?

You shall get in touch with experts before booking your travel from India to Italy via Serbia.

How much will Serbia’s 14 nights package cost?

Though it depends on availability and category one would be choosing, however, if someone wants to save on money then they can easily get it under 1000 Euros.

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