Floating City of Maldives

Need of developing floating city in Maldives ?

Floating city of Maldives – In 2021, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) notified that due to climate change our sea habitats are under threat and they also pointed out at the growing threat of rising sea levels.

Almost 41% of the worldwide population exists within 100 kms the coast.

World Meteorological Organization Secretary-General Professor Petteri Taalas told that there is an “urgent need” to save population from tropical hazards, such as waves, storms and sea level rise via multi-hazard warning systems and predictions.

Atoll countries are quite bigger at risk than other island nations, and may be Maldives Top the position – others like Kiribati, Tuvalu and the Marshall Islands – that have constructed habitat infrastructure on the tropical-and-sand rims of hollowed volcanoes.

The tides which have been given the name “King Tides” can clean slices of constructed infrastructure – the reason these waves are coming is storm that are becoming big day by day due to climatic changes in the world.

Planning of Floating City

Maldives is producing an unconventional floating city that reduces the outcome of changes in climate that is expected to be there in next decade. This will keep them above the level of rising sea.

The blue print of Maldives Floating City is given by Netherlands-based Dutch Docklandswhich will showcase 1000’s of waterfront houses and businesses floating around a bendable, serviceable grid across a 200-hectare lagoon.

This type of planning is specially important for Maldives Kind nations , where there are 25 low lying atolls which already the lowest as per the sea level.

Almost around 79% of the Maldives landscape region is at 1 mtr less as per sea level .

What will be the design of Maldives floating city

The new floating city of Maldives will structurally be likeBrain CoralStructure,This floating city of Maldives has a natural structure of roads and water canals similar to the amazing and systematic way just like the real brain coral is organised. This structure was decided to be implemented in Maldives floating city to live with nature and to get opportunity to upgrade, improvise & respect natural coral.

About Dutch Docklands who is preparing the floating city

They worked with urban planning and architecture firm Waterstudio, which is growing floating societies in the Netherlands in order to make a water-based urban grid constructed to progress with time.

Design of Floating city of Maldives

Maldives floating city
Floating City of Maldives

This island city which will be Developed with the collaboration of Maldives government and Netherlands architects will be the only “island city” which will be structured in a warm-water lagoon and will be just 10mins by boat from Male.

Maldives flourishes on tourism and the coral shoals that magnetise hospitality companies is also providing the inspiration for this type of development. These hexagon-formed floating chunks are, in part, replica’s on the exclusive geometry of regional coral.

These will be attached to a circle of barrier islands, this will react as breakers under the water, which will eventually lessen the clash of lagoon waves and stabilise assembly on the surface.

“The Maldives Floating City does not require any land reclamation, therefore has a minimal impact on the coral reefs,” said by Mohamed Nasheed, past president of the Maldives, speaker of parliament and Climate Vulnerable Forum Ambassador for Ambition.

“What’s more, giant new reefs will be grown to act as water breakers. Our adaptation to climate change mustn’t destroy nature but work with it, as the Maldives Floating City proposes. In the Maldives, we cannot stop the waves, but we can rise with them.”

Affordable homes at floating City of Maldives

The islands’ maritime past also controlled the blueprint of the infrastructure, it will all be low-rise and face the sea.

A matrix of overpasses, channels and harbours will offer entry across many components and will connect shops, houses and infrastructure across the lagoon.

The Project is due to start in 2022 and the evolution will be intact in stages over almost 5 years of time , hospital and school eventually is also in the bucket list.

Even foreigners/Non Maldives residents can invest in floating city of Maldives

Renewable energy will back the city with a smart grid and houses will be priced from $250,000 in a bid to attract a big sweep of purchasers including regional fishermen, who are living here from centuries.

There is a Maldives floating city store platform which can help people buying properties in the floating city of Maldives

Is it worth Investing in Maldives floating city

Well as per the experts advice investing in floating city of Maldives will be profitable as it is not a township that is being built for weekend stays or for selling farm houses in nature, this floating is being built to accommodate the population which is living under threat of loosing its land due to high sea levels .

In an article one of the useful website https://maldivesfloatingcity.store/ , it has been beautifully explain that if it is worth to invest in Maldives floating city or Not 🙂

How can one invest in Maldives Floating city

With the Announcement of development of Maldives floating city, investors around the world are keeping their eyes on the project. Though it is very early but still we have tried to figure out how to Investment this floating city, one can connect with Maldives floating city store to enquire for investment in Maldives floating city.

What type of Properties will be built in this Floating city

It is going to be a full fledged city where the population of nation is going to be accommodated, do read this article if you want to know more about types of properties that is to be built in this floating city .

  • Waterfront residential floating houses (almost 20,000)
  • Commercial Offices
  • Shops & Markets
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

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