Flights to Canada from India Via 3rd Country Indirect Route

We specialise in Making Direct & Indirect itineraries to Canada and USA.

In these Covid times, people are travelling from India to Canada via 3rd country indirect routes as direct flights from Delhi are proving to be very expensive. From the month of May till now many students, as well as other Valid visa holders, have travelled to Canada via 3rd country indirect routes and they have successfully reached:)

Canada Via 3rd Country Indirect routes

Options through which one can travel Canada via 3rd Country Indirect routes –

Options of Travel to Canada Via 3rd Country routes Links
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What are the Indirect Routes From India to Canada?

Some Information about travel Via 3rd Country

Videos on Travel to Canada from India via 3rd Country
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Should one wait for the flights to get cheaper and then travel to Canada ?

It totally depends on the individual situation, there are people who want to travel to attend classes and Can’t delay, some have got stuck and wants to travel back, some people are missing out on their Jobs. These people are really required to travel to Canada within a few days only.

It is always better to wait if you have time to wait, but if you want us to work on your flight’s itinerary please contact us below.

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    I want to travel to canada via 3rd route can u please help me. I am not able to ping u up in whatsapp. Can u ping me in whatsapp. My no. Is 74153 35999.

  2. ANGEL

    Hey, I want to travel via third country but unable to choose which route is the best . Also would like to know the packages

  3. Dr A. N. Jha

    Planning to travel from Delhi to Montreal via 3rd country on student visa in the 1st week of September. Kindly inform me about formalities and best suitable packages. Do I need to obtain Covid 19 Positive report from 3rd country because from 1st May yo 15 May I was at home quarantine due to covid infection in Delhi. But by the time I leave for canada almost 4 months would pass after we recovered. Please do reply at email. Thanks.

  4. Dr A. N. Jha

    I am yet to receive reply from you dear.

  5. Jagdev singh sondh

    I want to travel Canada ( Toronto) via third country in sep 2021 ,But I am unable to choose the best route and package details. Mu mob. No 8872400189

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