India to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia via Belgrade, Serbia

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India . We request you to please obey with all the guidelines issued by Indian govt and that should never be breached.

India to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia via Belgrade, Serbia – Saudi Arabia has totally closed its borders for Indians and some other high risk countries due to Covid. Though there are still many Indians who work in Saudi are stuck India because they are not able to travel Back because of the Ban. But is it that they don’t have option to travel or there is a way out ?

Actually there is a way out and in this post we are going to discuss about that.

Can Indians travel to Saudi Arabia with or without conditions ?

No, Indians are not allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia if they are living in India from last 14 days or if they have even transited Via India.

I really want to enter Saudi Arabia as i have a job there, what should i do ?

If there is no other way out left for you and you will have to enter Saudi Arabia any how then you can book a layover package in Serbia and stay there for 14 Nights to make your self eligible to enter Saudi Arabia.

India to Saudi Arabia Via Serbia

Serbia is giving on arrival Visa for Indians with any quarantine condition and is becoming Saviour for many Indians who want to travel to other countries for Job, education or for any other reason.

Are all nationalities allowed from Serbia to Enter Saudi Arabia ?

Serbia is at the moment in less risk country and people who have stayed in Serbia for more than 14 days are allowed to enter Saudi Arabia with Valid Visa and quarantine conditions.

What are the Quarantine Conditions in Saudi Arabia after travelling from Serbia ?

Vaccination Requirements:Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not have to enter institutional quarantine but will be required to show a health certificate as proof of vaccination.
Testing:Negative PCR test required for all countries.
Quarantine Required:Yes
Quarantine Details:Quarantined for 7 days required for all countries

Is RTPCR test Mandatory to Enter Serbia from India ?

Yes, RTPCR negative report is mandatory to travel to Serbia from India.

If i travel from India to Saudi Arabia via Serbia with 14 nights stay, will it be called 3rd Country Indirect route ?

Yes, travel from India via Belgrade stay for 14 nights to Saudi Arabia will be called as 3rd Country route.

What will be included in the Layover package in Serbia ?

Layover Package in Serbia will include –

  • 14 Nights Stay in 3* Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Airport Transfers with 1 Pc Baggage option
  • RTPCR Test
  • RTPCR test transfers

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