Will Canada extend Ban on flights due to Delta plus variant ?

“Will Canada extend on Ban on flights due to Delta plus variant ?” this question is in the mind of every student or Canadian Visa holder who is stuck in India and want to fly Canada. People have been waiting for months for the travel ban to be released from Canadian govt’s side but it was not the case last month. In the month of June there was a statement from Canadian govt that the Ban on Indians will still continue , however there was a news that they have allowed Pakistani nationalists to enter Canada.

Will Canada extend ban on Indians due to Delta + Variant ?

There was a hope with the release of Ban on Pakistani citizens, as experts were expecting the ban to be released in the month of August but “Delta Plus” variant has been introduced in India which is ruining this hope.

As per the Indian health Ministry this Delta plus variant is a matter of big concern as it is spreading rapidly fast. As of 26th June 2021 there are more than 50 cases of Delta plus variant in different states of Country .

Can Canadian Government extend travel Ban for Indians due to Delta plus variant ?

Yes Delta Plus variant is a very big reason for countries around the world including Canada and USA to put and extend ban on India on Citizens .

As per the latest updates countries have already started taking this Delta plus variant seriously . World is getting scared of this Delta + variant developed in India and that is why we can say that travel bans can be extended and specially of Canada .

How People are travelling to Canada from India after travel ban ?

Well, Canada from the month of May restricted Indian citizens to travel to Canada directly but they have left a way in .They are still allowing Indians to travel from India to Canada via Indirect route which often called 3rd country route.

There are countries like Serbia, Mexico, Egypt, Muscat etc from where Indians can do their RTPCR test and if tested negative they can enter Canada.

As of 26th June

Is there a chance that Canada bans Indirect route or 3rd country route also for Indians ?

It is very likely that if Covid Delta + variant gets aggressive then Canada will restrict and ban the Indirect or 3rd country route for Indians

I need to enter Canada any how ! Should i try to fly now only or shall i wait till 21st July for next update ?

If you need to enter Canada any how, then without any chance go for a 3rd country route fly from India. At this point of time there is a dilemma, with 50% chances of Ban and approval.

Who can help me getting flying through a 3rd Country or Indirect route to Canada ?

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    Yes i think there will be further bans happening !

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