Serbia Tour Package from India

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Serbia Tour Package from India.- Serbia is a Balkan European beautiful country. Serbia was not so popular among Indian tourists before Covid. However, very few are aware that Serbia is one of the 2 European countries that give Arrival visas to Indians. After the introduction of Covid restrictions by countries on people flying from India, Serbia became one of the routes via which people travelled to their final destinations.

As we mentioned, Serbia holiday packages were not quite famous among Indians, however, things have changed. In 2021, people became aware of the beautiful culture, infrastructure, history and scenery of Serbia. Alone in 2021 even when the pandemic was on the rise, almost 30,000 tourists travelled to Serbia from India.

Inclusions In Serbia tour package from India

Hotels in Serbia tour package

There are standard hotels in Serbia starting from the 2 Star category to 7 stars. In season times, there could be availability issues with the hotels. The number of hotels in Serbia would be lesser than other tourist destinations, however, Serbia is working on it. is having very good deals with hotel chains and properties in Serbia.

It will always be a cheaper deal to book with companies like instead of making any online transaction for Hotels in Serbia.

Few Popular Hotels in Belgrade for tourists

  • Metropol Palace
  • Hayat Regency Belgrade
  • Hilton Belgrade
  • Holiday Inn Express Belgrade
  • Hotel Rex

Cab transfers in Serbia tour package

It is very important to choose the best transportation medium in Belgrade. Where few tourists also opt for self-drive cars, however, it will not always be a better option. If you are expecting English everywhere in Serbia then it is a myth. Self-drive is always recommended in Belgrade, not in suburbs or other cities.

Having is nice transportation vehicle with a local representative that knows everything is what you should look for in a Holiday package of Serbia from India. Lestacworld Holiday Planners and have special tie-ups with transportation facilities in Serbia.

Flights from India to Serbia

If you are looking for Serbia tour packages from India, you will have to work on flights and airlines first. In 2021 the lowest fare between India to Serbia was around Rs 35000 per person. Though prices fluctuated a lot however it is expected to come down in future with the rise in demand.

Airports from India from where there are good flights to Serbia

  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad
  • Ahamadabad
  • Chennai

Airline options from India to Serbia

  • Lufthansa
  • Fly Dubai
  • KLM Airlines
  • Air France
  • Etihad

RTPCR test in Serbia

With the introduction of Covid 19, the RTPCR test has become the major requirement of any Holiday package. Just like Airlines and Hotels, the RTPCR test has become a crucial element. In Serbia, the RTPCR test organising body is very strong and is under the control of govt. Initially, there was only 1 lab in Belgrade for testing which has now been increased to almost 5.

At Serbia airport also there is a facility for instant RTPCR testing which gives results in 120 minutes. The cost of the RTPCR test is the same at all the testing centres as per the policy of govt and ranges around 70-90 Euros.

Cost of Serbia tour package from India

The Cost of the Serbia tour package from India may cost around 1500 Euros per person. This may include 4* hotel stay, economy class flight ticket, RTPCR testing, tours itinerary of 4-7 days and transportation.

However, the cost always depends on ones own requirements but above is the estimated amount.

Covid Situation in Serbia

Serbia has never experienced deadly waves of covid 19, however, there were a few days when cases were on rising. The govt has taken all strict measures to keep a check on the number of cases.

Serbia is a mask free country since 2020 and is progressing good in terms of vaccinating its population.

Frequently asked questions on Serbia Tour Packages from India

Do Indians need Visa to travel to Serbia for tourism purposes?

Yes, Indians need visas to travel to Serbia for tourism purposes however that visa can be obtained on the spot. In other words, Serbia is the first European country that gives arrival visas to Indians for tourism purposes.

What documents are required for a Serbia tourist visa?

The documents required for a Serbian tourist visa are. –
a)Return/onward e-ticket
b)Hotel Booking
c)Mandatory Insurance minimum 20000 Euros
d)RTPCR test or Vaccination certificate (Vaccines approved by WHO)

Is USD easily acceptable in Serbia?

No, USD is not easily acceptable in Serbia. Though it can be exchanged very easily at forex centres you won’t be able to barter it easily in local shops or malls.

What is the cost of the RTPCR test in Serbia?

The cost of the RTPCR test in Serbia for tourists is around 70 -90 Euro. The RTPCR test data is linked with the govt system. Tourists may also get the test done at Belgrade Airport, the result of which is given in 120 minutes.

Is Serbia a good destination for a Honeymoon?

Serbia is a good destination for a honeymoon or not, totally depends on one’s personal choices. Serbia is a beautiful country with a vast history and picturesque landscapes. Couples expecting Bikini, beach or chilling mountains should not opt for Serbia However.

How many days are enough to explore Serbia?

7 Nights are enough to explore Serbia as a destination in the tour package.

What is the best itinerary of Serbia?

Day 1 – Arrival at Belgrade Airport & check-in to resort
Day 8 -Check out and drop at Airport as per the flight timings

Can Serbia be clubbed with other destinations in a Holiday itinerary?

Yes, Serbia can be clubbed with Albania or Romania in an itinerary. If one is especially looking for Arrival countries for Indians then Albania and Serbia are the best options for a holiday package.

Best time to visit Serbia for the Holidays?

The best time to visit Serbia for a tour package is from February to May and then starting from August to October. June and July are quite hot and December to Feb are extremely cold.

Is it easy to get Indian food in Serbia?

There are few Indian restaurants in Serbia that serve Indian food. Other than those Indian food wont be available easily. Indian restaurants in Serbia are –
a)Diwali Palace
b)Curry Express

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