India to Canada via Mexico
India to Canada via Mexico

India to Canada Via Mexico in Air France/KLM airlines ?

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12 July 2021

Deal of the Package-

Economy Class Twin Sharing cost β‚Ή 1,75,000 Per Person Approx
Economy Class Single cost β‚Ή 1,90,000 Per Person Approx

India to Canada Via Mexico Details

Flights from India to Canada via Mexico are becoming saviours for Students who are travelling Canada from India to resume their courses . With the unfortunate introduction of Delta variant of Corona virus, many countries has put bans & restrictions on Indians travelling to their mainland and Canada is one of those .

Thankfully there are still options left for these travellers simple by taking layover around .

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Sharing the travel for the month of July in Airfrance/KLM via Mexico

Air Lines – Airfrance/KLM

Origin – Delhi/Mumbai

Date of Travel – 2 July

Layover – Mexico

Departures – Delhi/Mumbai to Toronto with 2 nights stay at Mexico

Mexico to Toronto – 05th Jul on Air Canada
Baggage Allowance – 2 PC Check in Baggage allowance upto Mexico, Mexico to Toronto 1 PC, 2nd PC
can be purchased at Mexico airport for CAD 50


Economy Class flight tickets from India to Mexico and Mexico to Toronto
1 night Accommodation at 4* Hotel at Mexico
Late Check out on 04th Jun
Overseas Insurance for upto 40 years old and coverage of upto USD 50,000 only for Indian National and OCI Card holders

2 Breakfast, 2 Lunch & 2 Dinner
Return Airport transfers by shared deluxe coach in Mexico
1 PCR test before departure from Mexico

Documents Required

Colored Scan copy of Passport

Canada Visa


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  1. Sukhpreet

    Thanks for helping Lestac team, I reached Toronto via Mexico. I specially want to put it in front of you that “Aryan” helped me alot. He never let me alone in the whole Journey, was even connected on watsapp when it was 3 AM in India.
    The who process was smooth, thanks to you guys

    Aryan deserves an Applaud πŸ™‚

    1. Srinivasan

      Sukhpreet ,

      How much did you paid for the flight . Did you get quarantined after reaching Canada ?

    2. harpreet

      can you provide their contact info plzz

    3. Navdeep

      Hey what was your price?
      Will they quarantine to the people who are unvaccinated,?

  2. Priya

    Hey, I need to reach Canada before 5th , could you please share info about flights?

    1. Sahil

      Me too, would you like to tag along?

  3. P patel

    Hey ! Can a normal visitor travel to Canada ?not a student

  4. Ranjit

    Any ticket on 24, 25 or 26 July via Mexico.Delhi to Vancouver. Package please


    Hy any tickets for 1 week of August from Delhi to canada via Mexico

    1. Aparna Rao

      Hi Nishant
      Did you get any response / plan for your travel? How are you reaching Canada? Please reply. Regards

  6. kirandeep kaur

    hi any tickets on 30 july and after august 6 via Mexico to toronto

  7. Harmandeep kaur

    Any tickets available before 10th of august from delhi to toronto via mexico.
    Please let me know

  8. Harmandeep kaur

    Yes , do you want to travel with me .If yes then email me on

    1. Prabhjot Kaur

      Hi.. from where u booked your ticket.

  9. Anshika kaushal

    Hey any ticket available from Delhi to Vancouver via maxico before 12th August pls let me know.

    1. Neha

      Hi Anshika.. I am also looking to travel to Vancouver around 2nd wk. We could be the travel buddy if any travel arrangement comes by

      1. Harshit kaur

        Are planning to reach vancouver before 12th…if yes…pls contact me at my

  10. jashanpreet kaur

    i wants to go vancuvar/ calgary via mexico on or after 5august, have you any arrangment

  11. Harwinder Kaur

    Any ticket available in July month I want to travel

  12. syed

    Bangalore to Toronto. best available price and date please

  13. Jasmeet Singh

    Hi , any available
    ticket between 15 to 30 August ?

  14. Sejal Goyani


    Can you please guide me to book tickets from Mumbai to Vancouver via Mexico?

  15. Kamal sran.

    Is there any ticket available from Delhi to Canada via Mexicon from 10th to 20th August.
    If yes lemme know please .

  16. Raman

    Hi, is there any ticket in 2nd week of Aug. Delhi to toronto via mexico. Please let me know. I wana travel with 1 kid.

    1. Vikas


  17. Rajkamal

    Please reply weather this route is still open we are two persons to travel for Vancouver

  18. Rajkamal

    Please reply weather this route is still open we are two persons to travel for Vancouver in first or second week of August.Tickets availablity, price, formalities and price

  19. Avneet Kaur

    Any flight seats available before 5 August via Mexico from India to Canada (Vancouver)? Please let me know

    1. Romil

      Hi Avneet, I am looking for someone to tag along with for the same dates.
      Let me know if you want to discuss the travel route and maybe sharing a twin room.

      1. Rajinder kaur

        Any flight seats available after 24August via Mexico from India to Canada (Vancouver)? Please let me know

  20. Rajkamal

    Anybody who help us to move Vancouver via Maxico in next 10days.
    Anybody knows the procedure please message and help

  21. Gagandeep Singh

    Hi, please let me know if there are any packages to travel to Canada via any route for dates after 15th August. Anticipating a prompt response

  22. Abhinav Rana

    Am Abhinav Rana any flight seats available before 12August via Mexico from India to Canada (Toronto) Please let me know

    1. Romil

      Hi Abhinav, I am looking for someone to tag along with for the same dates.
      Let me know if you want to discuss the travel route and maybe sharing a twin room.

  23. Kartik

    Please tell ticket from 5 august to 15 august

  24. Navdeep

    Ticket price from India to Canada

  25. Edwin

    Any tickets before 10th august. Pls let me know.

  26. Sudhanshu chadha

    I want to go Vancouver on 31.8.2021 from new delhi. Kindly guide and share me the package.


    I want to go Vancouver please guide me and share packages

  28. Kuldeep singh

    Hi. I need 4 tickets for Toronto via Mexico or Maldives. From 25 Aug. To 5 Sept.

  29. Bahadur Singh Randhawa

    I want to go new Delhi india via Mexico to Vancouver. I have visitor Visa. 18/9/2021 to 20/11/2021

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