Safe & Luxury layover packages in Serbia :)

Safe Luxury layover packages in Serbia – Well in this COVID times travel became very difficult & risky for people and this is why it is very important to do it safely.

We are from years working on the Luxury escorted VIP arrangements for people who wants to travel the way 99% of the travellers around the world can’t afford to do:)

Safe and Luxury Layover packages in Serbia

People who are travelling to any country, where either they are not allowed to travel directly from their country due to Covid, or they any how they have connecting flights ahead are taking Layover packages in Serbia .These layover packages are not much expensive if normal 3* hotels and sharing transfers are included.

However there is a demand of people who wants it to be safe and escorted so they dont get contracted with Covid 19 while they are on Journey .

Vip Assistance on Arrival At Airport in Belgrade, Serbia

Once you will exit from your Aircraft , Airport assistance executive will be standing just there to greet you. He will accompany you every where while you will be doing all your Visa formalities at Airport 🙂 After completing all the steps he will drop you to your Chauffeur.

This VIP assistance is not given to everyone so enjoy the royal treatment at Airport:)

Hotels in Serbia for Layover

In Belgrade, Serbia the hotel range starts from Home stays to 5* luxury hotels . We arrange layover packages for interested travellers in 5* luxury resorts where they take care of all Covid 19 measures to make sure that you are safe in their premises.

Measures that will surely be taken by Luxury hotels in Serbia for Layover purpose –

  • Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene
  • Hand Sanitiser Station
  • Protective Barriers
  • Social Distancing
  • Ensuring adequate Air Circulation
  • Preventing contact infection
  • Appropriate checks for guests
  • Higher food safety standards
  • Health check
  • Trained Staff

Airport Transfers in Serbia for Layover

In Serbia return Airport transfers to and from Hotel can be Sharing in a Public transport as well as private in a taxi . In this Luxury layover package we Usually use high end comfortable cabs with Chauffeurs.

  • Trained Chauffeur
  • Sanitised Car
  • Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene

RTPCR testing

As per Serbian govt RTPCR test can only be done at 2 of its centres , which means you will go to the centre to get your RTPCR test done but with our luxury car and trained Chauffeur.

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