Is it safe to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup 2022?
Is it safe to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup 2022?

Is it safe to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup 2022?

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Is it safe to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup 2022? – Ever since Qatar got its FIFA world cup allotment there are voices that are being raised against this decision. However, Qatar has worked harder than was expected from them and they created infrastructure quite rapidly. However, in the year 2020 after the introduction and disaster of Covid, people are not sure if they should travel to a middle east country to support their teams or not! Also, readBest Car rental company during Qatar Fifa world cup?

Also, in 2022 there is a war happening between Ukraine & Russia that has unsettled the world. Experts are not denying the possibility of a world war. However, currently, there are no-no signs of it and it should never happen. So, should you travel to Qatar to support your favourite team of football? Let us figure it out.

Is it safe to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup 2022?

Well, as of now if we believe the data of Covid 19 cases given by Qatar, they have still done a very good job in containing it :).Yes, things are looking safe for someone from Europe, Brazil or America to visit Qatar for a world cup in 2022. Covid till April 2022, is declining around the world. Not only the number of cases but even covid restrictions are also getting lifted.

Till April 2022, there are very few seats available and that too for non-crucial matches. This shows the excitement fans are having to attend this FIFA world cup in Qatar.

Is it recommended to hire a car for rent during the FIFA world cup?

It is highly advisable to higher a car on rent during the Fifa world cup, this will end the dependability. That will be a rush time and the availability of cabs in Qatar might prove to be a big issue then. It is always better to get your self-drive car booked in Qatar for your FIFA world cup so you can enjoy tension free.

Get the best prices and Cancellation flexibility on your hired car during the Fifa world cup here.

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When is the first match of the FIFA world cup 2022?

The first match of Fifa world cup 2022 is going to start on 21st November at Albayat Stadium Qatar.

When is the final of the Fifa world cup 2022?

The final match of Fifa world cup 2022 is on 18th December at Lusail Stadium.

How many football FIFA stadiums are there in Qatar?

There are 8 FIFA stadiums in Qatar where the world cup 2022 will be organised.

What are the names of Fifa Stadiums in Qatar?

The names of 8 Fifa stadiums in Qatar are – Albayt Stadium, Khalifa international stadium, Al Thumama stadium, Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium, Lusail Stadium, Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, Education City Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium.

How much will I have to spend to go to Qatar for the Fifa World cup?

One should expect to spend 5000-100000 USD In Qatar for the Fifa world cup which will include flights, hotels, match fees, transfers and meals per person depending on the standard of inclusions.

What will be the Covid restrictions in the Qatar Fifa world cup 2022?

As of now, Qatar has made it clear that they will only be accepting people who are fully vaccinated. Other policies will depend on the Covid -19 situation at that moment.

Is the Fifa world cup 2022 package refundable?

If the world cup will get cancelled due to any reason in 2022, then Qatar has made it clear that it will refund the same amount of the package which will be taken at the time of booking.
However if in any case person is not able to travel and the world cup is happening then the cancellation policy will apply.

When should one book the Fifa world cup 2022 package?

As Qatar is not big in size and there are a limited number of hotels in Doha city, it is always recommended to book FIFA world cup packages ASAP otherwise in future the prices may go high or availabilities will not be there.

Will there be alcohol allowed in the stadium during the Qatar FIFA world cup?

There are a few strict rules of Qatar as a nation that are required to be followed. Qatar might not allow one to have a beer or Hard drinks in the Open. Yes, one can have it in bars but not in Open 🙂

One should stay in Which hotel in Qatar, to enjoy the FIFA world cup?

Although Qatar is not a big country and places are nearby so people can stay in any Hotel. However, we would recommend JW Marriott Marquis City Center Doha and Souq Wakif boutique hotel by Tivoli city centre- Doha

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