Is it advisable to hire and self-drive a car in Doha during the FIFA world cup?

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Qatar is organising the 2022 FIFA World Cup and its journey of development over the last decade has surprised the whole world. Qatar is a country that has spent millions of dollars on its infrastructure, especially for organising the FIFA World Cup 2022. All the FIFA World Cup stadiums are built in Doha, the capital of Qatar. People start booking tickets, hotels, and transportation for FIFA World Cup packages around 2 years before the start of the World Cup. People usually ask if it is advisable to hire and self-drive a car in Doha during the FIFA World Cup. Let us discuss the same in this article.

Is it safe to rent a car in Qatar during Fifa?

During the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar, it should not be dangerous to hire a vehicle. Qatar has invested in the construction of infrastructure, particularly for FIFA. There won’t be any issues with parking, the road infrastructure, or traffic at any point. Continue reading the post if you want to find out more about the advantages of renting a vehicle as opposed to calling a taxi.

Public transport vs car rental in Qatar during FIFA world cup ?

The extraordinary efforts that Qatar is making to strengthen its public transportation system are laudable. These efforts include the purchase of more than 4,000 public buses, the establishment of metro connections, and the introduction of an alternate tram system. Those who are really well off will be the only ones who will be able to book a private taxi during this year’s World Cup in order to go about town for transportation purposes.

The public transportation system has excellent connectivity, but whether or not it can provide the same level of comfort is debatable. It is entirely up to the individual to make their own decision. However, if you want to go without having to worry about being stuck in traffic or finding a parking spot, also dont want to spend much, then you should choose public transportation.
But if you value convenience, privacy, flexibility, and self-assurance, you must go for car rental services.

Is it a left-hand side driver in Qatar?

Yes, it is a left-hand side driver in Qatar

Which is the best rental car option in Doha, Qatar?

despite the fact that there are a large number of automobile rental firms in Qatar. Nevertheless, this portal is the ideal alternative to hunting for reasonable costs, as stated by the experiences of hundreds of travelers who traveled to Qatar and drove while they were there.Best Car rental options during FIFA world cup in Qatar

Will there be a parking problem during the world cup in Qatar?

No, definitely not at all. The infrastructure in Qatar was created with consideration given to its role as host of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The parking garage in Qatar will function without a hitch.
The parking charges might vary, but parking options will be adequate.

Options for Car Rental with Drivers during the FIFA World Cup


Find your Self-drive car on rent in Doha

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Rules to rent a car in Qatar

  • One will have to stay on the right side of the road in the situations specified by law.
  • One will have to abide by the lanes on the main section of the road while driving.
  • One cannot drive a vehicle in the wrong direction.
  • Reversing the vehicle on the main road, except in an emergency, is not allowed.
  • Also, one cannot reverse the vehicle at the intersection.
  • The car cannot be parked on the expressway.
  • Driving a car on a restricted road is an offence.
  • The speed limit has to be followed as per usual.
  • Driving a car too slowly can also be a cause for concern in Qatar.
  • Sudden improper braking is not appreciated.
  • All passengers will have to wear seat belts.
  • Children younger than 12 years of age will have to sit in the rear seat only.
  • Mobile phone users are not allowed while driving in Qatar.
  • IDP (International Driving Permit) for visitors is recommended in Qatar.
  • You should never drive while you are drunk in Qatar.
  • No nuisance on the road while driving should be created.

Doha Fifa world cup 2022 world cup match dates & Info 🙂

2022 World Cup ScheduleDate(s)Stadium(s)
Group StageNov. 21 – Dec. 2All
Round of 16Dec. 3 – Dec. 6All
Quarter-FinalsDec. 9 – Dec. 10Al Bayt; Al Thumama; Lusail; Education City
Semi-FinalsDec. 13 – Dec. 14Al Bayt; Lusail
3rd PlaceDec. 17Khalifa International
FinalDec. 18Lusail
Doha Fifa world cup 2022 world cup match dates & Info 🙂

Fifa world cup Stadiums in Qatar

  • Albayt Stadium
  • Khalifa international stadium.
  • Al Thumama stadium.
  • Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Ras Abu Aboud Stadium.
  • Education at City Stadium
  • Al Janoub Stadium.
Find Your Rental Car

Is it advisable to hire and self-drive a car in Doha during the FIFA world cup?

Yes, it is advisable to hire a self-drive car in Qatar during the Fifa world cup and we have reasons for that –


During the FIFA World Cup in Doha, Qatar, self-driving cars will be more cost-effective than traditional types of road transportation. Due to increased demand, the cost of hiring a taxi with a driver may increase. The majority of people will want to arrive at the stadium at the start of the game, creating a high demand for taxis at the same time. This demand-supply mismatch may result in a price increase.

No Last-minute Mess Ups

As said before, there will be a high demand for taxis at the same time. In the past, individuals were unable to get transportation to stadiums for significant sporting events. To prevent these last-minute mishaps, it is preferable to retain the automobile in your possession.


Having a vehicle to go to the stadium during rush hour is like frosting on the cake. You will have your own comfortable vehicle, which will enhance your experience more than a taxi or public transportation.

Tourism with Sports

When you have a vehicle in Qatar during your vacation, you will have the freedom to go anywhere you like without having to get permission from taxi drivers. You may tour Qatar while attending the FIFA World Cup in the country. There are cultural and spectacular tourist destinations that people would want to visit.

Places to see in Qatar

  • Katara Mosque
  • State Grand Mosque
  • Al- Zubarah Fortress
  • Al Wakra Museum
  • The National Museum of Qatar
  • Barzan Towers
  • Doha Fort
  • The Museum of Islamic Art

Covid Safety

In these unprecedented times of COVID, it is crucial to adhere to COVID standards for safe travel. When you rent a vehicle and drive it yourself, you protect yourself against the COVID virus. Self-drive automobile rental firms such as Discover Cars provide clean and sanitary vehicles.

When is the right time to book a self -drive car to rent in Doha for the Fifa world cup

Millions of people will go to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup for a variety of reasons. We’re all aware of the causes. Does Qatar have the infrastructure to effectively handle these individuals? Yes, technically, but is that the same as experiencing the experience? To minimise confusion during the World Cup, it is generally advisable to reserve services well in advance. Moreover, companies like discover cars are giving cancellation flexibility. The booking can be canceled at any time.

Few Real-time Examples of travellers who used rental cars in Qatar?

As an Australian we were worried about the driving rules in Qatar. However, to our surprise it went very smooth for us. Do remember to arrnage international license before reaching Qatar.

Rebecca (Australia)

Roads were smooth, i lucklily got SUV from Airport.Enjoyed driving in the amazing city of Doha. There was no problem at all, loved Qatar.

David Albert ( Serbia)

The traffic rules are just like Dubai, we got Audi 3 and it was fun driving in the city. We went to nearby villages also to explore the culture.


Points to be considered before renting a car in Qatar for the Fifa world cup

Typically, automobile rental firms in Qatar provide vehicles with a full tank of gas. That implies they will provide you with the vehicle and want you to return it with the same amount. Thus, you will have the choice of infinite kilometres. They may also give you a limited-mileage policy, in which they will monitor your mileage and bill you appropriately. The automobile rental firm should provide both alternatives based on the client’s needs and the customer should have the opportunity to choose one.
Verify the insurance coverage in the event of an accident or theft. According to the regulation, automobile rental firms must provide insurance coverage if you hire a vehicle from them. There is a certain amount for which you are not responsible in the event of an accident or theft. You need to first verify that quantity. Few organizations have excellent insurance plans, and they provide superior coverage.
Additionally, it must be determined whether their coverage covers third-party liability insurance. If this is not included, none of the parties involved in an accident will be covered.
If you are renting a car in a foreign nation, it is crucial that the vehicle be properly maintained; otherwise, it will be a hassle for you. Especially during the World Cup, you should avoid getting stranded anywhere. Due to its standardization, we should assume that only professional firms continue to repair automobiles. However, any local, unprofessional business will not invest much effort in maintaining the vehicles. It is crucial to hire automobiles from local firms and have them serviced by a reputable provider.

On-road support– When you are in a different country, it is very important for you to be sure about everything. The rental car company should have a local network. If you encounter any issues on the road, the company should be capable enough to reach out to you and give proper support. Any unprofessional new venture can ruin the whole experience of the FIFA World Cup for you.

Competitive prices– The car rental companies usually always give good offers to attract customers. You should always compare the prices.Few portals give you better options to compare the prices and features on the same window, you must check those.

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