Should you hire a self-drive car on rent in Qatar?

Should you hire a self-drive car for rent in Qatar? Qatar’s infrastructure has seen exponential growth in the last decade. It is the country which is going to organise the Fifa world cup in 2022. It was announced in around 2010 that Qatar will organise the world cup and today Qatar has grown its infrastructure a lot. Also, readIs It Safe To Travel To Qatar For The Fifa World Cup 2022?

Qatar has a very good road infrastructure. The capital city of Qatar, Doha is one of the most developed cities. Every Fifa game is going to be happening in Doha. There are 7 Fifa stadiums that are developed here.

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Tourists from around the world are visiting the country. We did a small survey and tried to understand if tourists are happy, hiring a self-drive car for rent OR a taxi/ cab service to explore Qatar city.

As per 53% of tourists, they would be happy to hire a car for rent which they will drive on their own.31% were happy with the cab/taxi service in Qatar and the rest had neutral thoughts about both.

The sample size of tourists is 150 in Qatar.

Should you hire a self-drive car for rent in Qatar?

Why is it recommended to hire a self-drive car on rent in Doha, Qatar –


A self-drive car in Doha, Qatar will always give you more additional flexibility than a taxi with a chauffeur. Primarily in Qatar holding a vehicle that you one navigate the entire day is like butter on bread. You will have the privilege to explore sightseer locations in Doha, Qatar without stressing regarding the taxi or the driver. Qatar markets and bays are so stunning and are worth giving time to, no one would like to stress about the time when on holiday in Doha, Qatar.

Self-drive car in Doha, Qatar is an economical alternative

In Doha, Qatar hiring a personal taxi/cab might prove to be fairly pricey. Usually, travellers opt for sharing taxi alternatives for Doha, Qatar’s excursions nevertheless that won’t provide convenience like journeying in a private vehicle. Self-drive cars are comparatively totally pocket-friendly in Doha, Qatar if resembled a private traveller cab with a driver.

Self-drive a car is safe compared to sharing a taxi/cab

Covid made tourists recognise the significance of safety standards while they are on tour. Tourists are bypassing rush dwellings and conveyances. In these remarkable times, hiring a self-drive cab in Doha, Qatar is no doubt more securer than journeying in a shared taxi with different travellers from different locations. Even in a personal cab, the tourist will have to share the car with the driver which makes it difficult compared to hiring a Self-drive car in Doha, Qatar.

Complete freedom with the self-drive car in Doha, Qatar

You are free to do anything. Do you want to change your plan? Do you want to travel to a different city? Do you want to shop instead of touring? Visit friends a place? Well, literally anything by hiring a car for rent in Doha, Qatar. No one would ask and judge you about your plans. You won’t have to be dependent on rigid itinerary papers.

Enjoy Driving on the world’s best Road infrastructure in Doha, Qatar

As discussed before also, Doha, Qatar’s road infrastructure is one of the most organised in the whole world. It is the dream of many to drive on these buttery-smooth roads. So what are you waiting for,clickhereand get your rent a car in Doha, Qatar?

What’s the problem with Hiring a self-drive car to rent in Doha, Qatar

Strict rules in Doha, Qatar

The traffic rules in Doha, Qatar are very strict. There is no scope of making any mistake while driving otherwise one will be gifted with Challans. One should be responsible enough to drive consciously, so as to ignore all hassles.

Unknown Path

For most of you, Doha, Qatar’s path will be unknown which sometimes makes it difficult to reach the destination hassle-free. However, Google map is the biggest solution to this problem and people are coping with it like a pro.

Tour Guidance

When you hire a cab with a driver, you also get assistance and guidance from the driver. However, if you rent a car and drive it in Doha, Qatar, you will have to manage it on your own. Though one can hire a tour guide after reaching the spot.

Parking issues

Though Doha, Qatar has the world’s most organised road infrastructure with the best parking facilities. However, when you are new and you don’t have any idea of parking facilities around, you can get into a big mess. If you are hiring a self-drive car in Doha, Qatar, make sure to do your research properly.

Different traffic rules

If you are flying from Europe or other western countires, you might find a different traffic behaviour in Doha, Qatar. When you rent a car in Doha, Qatar, make sure you know and understand how traffic works in the country. Initially, it takes time to adjust, however one should be ready for it.

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