Transportation during Fifa
Transportation during Fifa

The best mode of transportation In Qatar during the FIFA world cup

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This year in Nov2022, Qatar is going to organise Fifa world cup packages. This event laid the foundation for the amazing infrastructure of Doha. Fans around the world are too excited to be a part of this amazing Fifa world cup 2022 and cheer their teams. Many have already been allotted the tickets, and many have already booked their accommodations also. In Fifa events, transportation and transfers are also very important to be taken care of. It is important to figure out the best mode of transportation in Qatar during the Fifa world cup.

Qatar administration has worked hard in building infrastructure that should give smooth movement of visitors from Hotel to Stadiums, Airport to hotels and back. Let us discuss how the options fans in Fifa world cup 2022 have to move from one place to another during the Fifa world cup.

Options of transportation in Qatar during the Fifa world cup

Metro during Fifa World cup

The accessibility and range of Metro in Doha are quite good. Especially to and from Football stadiums.Though metro stations are easy to reach from most parts of the city. Still, the Qatar administration has built amazing parking facilities at metro stations for fans who would rent a car during their stay in the Fifa world cup. Onboarding these metros will drop to the stadiums very smoothly.

Also one can check the routes of Stadium Express and shuttle buses that have given points from where they will take you to metro stations

The routes of Stadium Express and shuttle buses. This is going to be very important during Fifa world cup 2022.
Stadium Express and shuttle buses

Taxi Services during Fifa world cup

Taxis are also the easiest and most comfortable way to travel from Hotel Stadiums. The taxis have a dedicated drop-off point close to stadium entrances. However, taxi service will be in very high demand during Fifa world cup 2022 which will make it too expensive. Either one should crack a deal with taxi operators now or should be ready to face issues later. Block your airport transfers from Hammad Airport in Doha, Qatar to the hotel and return here.

Taxi Airport transfers in Qatar
Taxi Airport transfers in Qatar

Car rental during Fifa world cup

If one is confident enough to drive a car, then it is another best possible option to have a smooth movement during Fifa world cup 2022 in Qatar. One should have an international driving license and he/she is good to go :). In Qatar usually discover cars offer the best prices and service. One can visit the link to get the best offers and discounts.

The rental cars in Qatar are going to be non-available soon as everyone is looking for the same. If one is planning to rent a car in Qatar during the Fifa world cup, they should book the car ASAP.

Frequently asked questions about the mode of transportation for visitors Qatar Fifa world cup 2022

Will there be good parking facilities in Qatar during the Fifa world cup?

Yes, there will be good parking facilities at metro stations, stadiums and Shuttle hubs. Qatar’s infrastructure was built keeping in mind the event. There will be no issues with parking for the fans.

In all these places these cars will be equipped with an accessibility Vehicle Access Parking Pass (VAPP). Eligibility documentation and licence plate (if known) must be provided at the time of booking. This VAPP should be displayed in the front window that will make sure that you are headed to the accurate parking area. 

Will the public transport be free on match days in Doha?

With the allotment of the Hayya pass, most of the transportation facilities on match days will be free to the fans.

Can tourist places in Doha be explored on Public transport?

Most of the places in Doha can be explored on public transport on normal days. During the Fifa world cup, expect long queues and rushy metros & buses.

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