Sri Lanka to UAE via Qatar

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Sri Lanka to UAE via Qatar – Due to rising cases in South East Asian countries, UAE has banned direct flights from India, Bangladesh, Srilanka, and Pakistan. Many people are forced to travel via the 3rd country route to UAE now. Though Qatar has also imposed 10 days quarantine on Sri Lanks still seems to be the better option if compared to the Maldives.

Wef 5th August permanent resident of Dubai can travel back to the country in a direct flight 🙂

Sri Lanka to UAE via Qatar

Many Srilankans are settled in UAE but were stuck due to travel ban. Although they all are travelling via other routes, things are so dynamic that proper guidance is still required for the people.

Who can travel from Srilanka to UAE in direct flight ?

People with the below criteria can visit USA in direct flights from Sri Lanka

  • members of diplomatic missions
  • holders of UAE Golden visa
  • UAE nationals
  • passengers exempted and/or granted permission to enter the UAE by the appropriate authorities
  • passengers travelling on a business flight.

How many nights of Quarantine is required for Sri Lankan’s in Qatar to enter UAE?

People with Srilankan passports and flying from SriLanka are required to do at least 14 nights quarantine in Qatar to enter UAE 🙂

From where one can Hotels for Quarantine in Doha for 10 nights ?

One will have to book Hotels from Discover Qatar official website to get quarantine in Doha. No other platform can be used to book hotels for quarantine purposes.

Which vaccine’s are considered Valid in Qatar ?

Pfizer / BioNTech (Comirnaty)Sinopharm vaccine
Moderna (Spikefax)
AstraZeneca (Coveshield / Oxford / Vaxepheria)
Jansen / Johnson & Johnson (only one dose)

Travellers who are fully vaccinated with the above specified conditionally approved vaccines shall undergo antibody test upon arrival, if the result is positive, they shall be exempt from the quarantine requirements; if the result is negative, the passenger will be required to do a PCR test upon arrival and must undergo quarantine based on the classification of the departure country.

Are there good flight connections from Sri Lanka to Qatar ?

Although July is very uncertain, yes there are good flight connections from Sri Lanka to Qatar.

Are there good flight connections from Sri Lanka to UAE ?

You may find connections better than other 3rd country routes as there are many carriers of Qatar and Sri Lankan airlines operating in this route.

What are the travel restrictions to Qatar from Sri Lanka?

Please visit this link to check travel restrictions to enter Qatar

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