T20 world cup 2021 travel package

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T20 world cup 2021 package – If you are a cricket lover, then you must be waiting for the T20 world cup. Last year due to Covid this popular event was postponed. The IPL in Dubai was originally set to be hosted by India in 2020. However considering the impact, it has now been shifted to Dubai& Oman. The way Dubai and Oman dealt with Covid no one can deny that they are the deserving hosts.

T20 world cup 2021 travel package

Few Important F&Q’s of T20 Dubai world cup 2021 travel package

When is the T20 world cup 2021 start?

T20 world cup 2021 is starting on 17th October. The first match is between Sri Lanka & Ireland.

When is the final of the T20 world cup 2021?

The final match of the 20-20 world cup 2021 is on 14th November 2021.

How many teams are playing in the Dubai T20 world cup 2021?

There are in total 16 teams playing in Dubai T20 world cup 2021 🙂 Below are the teams participating in T20 Cricket world cup 2021.

Sri Lanka
Papua New Guinea
South Africa
West Indies
New Zealand

Is Afghanistan playing in the T20 world cup 2021?

Afghanistan is going through a very unfortunate time

Where is the final match of T20 world cup 2021?

The final match of 20-20 world cup 2021 will be played in Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

Which stadiums will be used to play the T20 world cup 2021?

Stadiums that will be used in the T20 world cup 2021-

Dubai International Cricket Stadium
Sharjah Cricket Stadium
Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium
Oman Cricket Academy Ground

Is it allowed to travel to UAE for the T20 world cup 2021 matches?

UAE has worked hard to keep itself safe from Covid waves. Though it was closed for most Southeast Asian countries from the mid of 2021, now in September it has given relaxation. Anyone travelling to Dubai will have to bring an RTPCR test between the last 48 hours of travel as well as a Rapid PCR test between the last 6 hours of travel.

Is UAE giving visas for the T20 world cup matches?

With few exceptions, Dubai is open to generate Visas for almost all nationalities in the month of Sept 2021.

How much time does it take to get a Visa from the UAE for the T20 world cup 2021?

UAE has expedited the process of visa generation in 2021. These are due to different important events happening in this region in 2021. Dubai Expo, T20 world Cup and Indian premier league. It should not take more than 48 working hours to get the Visa of Dubai for T 20 world cup 2021.

How much will Dubai T20 world cup package cost?

The cost of the Dubai T20 world cup package depends on different factors –

Your origin

The cost of 20-20 world cup packages in Dubai basically depends on the country and city you are flying from. However fortunately Dubai is the junction that connects many countries. Many cricket-loving nations are well connected with UAE. However, the prices will largely be dependent on the flight’s cost.

Hotel Accomodation

Obviously, it will be dependent on the category of Hotel accommodation one will be choosing. In Dubai, one can have a wide range of hotel categories starting from 2* to 7* and even more Luxurious than that. It’s genuinely a personal choice however it is very important to consider all the factors like distance, connectivity from stadiums etc before finalising any property.

No. of Matches

It usually depends on the team you are following as well as your passion for cricket. The cost will hugely depend on the number of matches one is intending to watch. The more the number of matches one is attending the more the person will have to stay and travel to different cities of UAE and Oman.

Match ticket Category

Some People don’t compromise when it is about watching their favourite player. Yes if you want it clear you will have to spend. There are different categories of match tickets that will be sold based on the comfort, view and inclusions.

Additional Siteseeing

If one is visiting UAE and won’t visit its heartwarming tourist places then it would be a waste. And your cost of package will majorly be dependent on the additional sightseeing one will be interested in. Who would want to miss Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dhow cruise and many other things while on Dubai tour :).

What is the T20 world cup match schedule?

DateMatch and GroupTime (IST)Venue
23 October, SaturdayAustralia vs South Africa3:30PMAbu Dhabi
23 October, SaturdayEngland vs West Indies7:30PMDubai
24 October, SundaySri Lanka vs Bangladesh3:30PMSharjah
24 October, SundayIndia vs Pakistan7:30PMDubai
25 October, MondayAfghanistan vs Scotland7:30PMSharjah
26 October, TuesdaySouth Africa vs West Indies3:30PMDubai
26 October, TuesdayPakistan vs New Zealand7:30 PMSharjah
27 October, WednesdayEngland vs Bangladesh3:30PMAbu Dhabi
27 October, WednesdayScotland vs Namibia7:30PMAbu Dhabi
28 October, ThursdayAustralia vs Sri Lanka7:30PMDubai
29 October, FridayWest Indies vs Bangladesh3:30PMSharjah
29 October, FridayAfghanistan vs Pakistan7:30PMDubai
30 October, SaturdaySouth Africa vs Sri Lanka3:30PMSharjah
30 October, SaturdayEngland vs Australia7:30PMDubai
31 October, SundayAfghanistan vs Namibia3:30PMAbu Dhabi
31 October, SundayIndia vs New Zealand7:30PMDubai
1 November, MondayEngland vs Sri Lanka7::30PMSharjah
2 November, TuesdaySouth Africa vs Bangladesh3:30PMAbu Dhabi
2 November, TuesdayPakistan vs Namibia7:30PMAbu Dhabi
3 November, WednesdayNew Zealand vs Scotland3:30PMDubai
3 November, WednesdayIndia vs Afghanistan7:30PMAbu Dhabi
4 November, ThursdayAustralia vs Bangladesh3:30PMDubai
4 November, ThursdayWest Indies vs Sri Lanka7:30PMAbu Dhabi
5 November, FridayNew Zealand vs Namibia3:30PMSharjah
5 November, FridayIndia vs Scotland7:30PMDubai
6 November, SaturdayAustralia vs West Indies7:30PMAbu Dhabi
6 November, SaturdayEngland vs South Africa7:30PMSharjah
7 November, SundayNew Zealand vs Afghanistan3:30PMAbu Dhabi
7 November, SundayPakistan vs Scotland7:30PMSharjah
8 November, MondayIndia vs Namibia7:30PMDubai
ICC T20 World Cup 2021 semifinals
10 November, WednesdaySemi-final 1 (A1 v B2)7:30PMAbu Dhabi
11 November, ThursdaySemi-final 2 (B1 v A2)7:30PMDubai
ICC T20 World Cup 2021 final
14 November, SundayTBD7:30PMDubai

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