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The centre of Hinduism in Indonesia is located on the island of Bali. Despite the fact that this is an Islamic nation, this town is well known for its Hindu inhabitants. Over the last ten years, Bali’s tourist industry has seen significant growth. The island’s economy and riches took on a completely different form as a result of this event. The people of Australia regard this as their “second home.” The island is a popular tourist destination not just for those from Europe but also from China, India, and Australia. If you are interested in visiting the island as well, you should read the whole article since we have prepared a travel guide to Bali.

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Table of Contents of the Travel Guide to Bali-

Travel Guide to Bali

Important facts of Bali tourism in general

  1. Bali Airport’s name is Ngurah Rai International Airport, and it is in DPS (Denpsar).
  2. Bali Airport is very near, or one can say in the city.
  3. One can easily hire a cab from the airport after arrival.
  4. Though hiring a cab after arrival is very easy, it is always recommended to get it booked before arrival as no one would want to negotiate with drivers after a long flight.
  5. Ngurah Rai International Airport is not too big and one can easily understand the navigation to gates , arrivals or exits.
  6. One can exchange currency easily at Bali Airport.
  7. One should always have Indonesian Rupiah if arriving in Bali.
  8. Exchanging currency at any airport will be an expensive affair. It is always recommended to exchange currency from local vendors in your town.
  9. One can buy a tourist sim card at Bali airport for incoming, outgoing, and internet. Getting a sim card at the airport can be an expensive thing to do as you can easily get a new sim card activated from local vendors in the market.
  10. One can easily hire a full-day, 10-hour cab for tours from hotels or local vendors.
  11. One should very well know that using public washrooms in Bali is not free and might cost you a dollar or two:)
  12. Napey Day is a big festival in Bali. Before booking flights, one should always check that the dates match with Napey Day. All tourist activities, including restaurants, are closed for at least 48 hours .No one even speaks on this day.
  13. It is always recommended to get the cars booked in advance, otherwise, at the moment, drivers ask for almost double the amount.
  14. The main tourist-prone areas of Bali where one can reserve accommodations for a comfortable stay are:
    • Kuta
    • Benoa
    • Seminyak
    • Denpsar
    • Legian
    • Nusa Dua
    • Jimbaran
    • Uluwatu
    • Sanur
    • Ubud
  15. All the above provinces/areas are not far from each other except Ubud, which is far.
  16. Kuta is an area full of budget hotel properties with few exceptions.
  17. One can easily get vegetarian food in Kuta.
  18. Kuta is famous for its Waterbom water park.
  19. Waterbom is a world-famous water park where one can enjoy water rides.
  20. One can spend a full day enjoying the rides.
  21. Meals are available inside the water tower premises.
  22. There are different packages of water based on rides starting from 60 USD per person.
  23. These water slides are of various varieties, starting from mellow levels for kids to extreme levels for thrillers.
  24. One can get a good discount on group bookings of Waterbom.
  25. Kuta beach is also a popular place to spend time.
  26. If staying in Kuta, one can walk to the beach and spend some good time in the evening after the completion of the tour.
  27. The Discovery Kartika Plaza mall in Kuta is the biggest mall in Bali.
  28. A few Indian restaurants in Kuta are-
    • Ganesha ek Sanskriti.
    • Spice Man Indian Cuisine
    • Bollywood masala’s
  29. A few Chinese restaurants in Kuta are
    • The Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant
    • Kuta Plaza Restaurant
    • Hailong Restaurant
  30. A few Indonesian restaurants in Kuta are-
    • Warung Damar
    • Warung Indonesia
    • Gabah Indonesian Cuisine
  31. Kuta Art Market is the most famous market in Kuta where one can get art and craft products.
  32. Barong Dance is also an exotic experience to see in Kuta.
  33. Benao is almost 8-10 kms away from Kuta.
  34. It is popular for its adventurous beach where you are most likely to do water sports activities.
  35. Jet Ski, Banana Boat , Snorkeling, Parasailing , Scuba Diving, and Flying Boat are mostly the activities to do there.
  36. There are many different vendors offering water sports activities there.
  37. These vendors try to loot tourists by asking for 10 times the cost.
  38. It is always recommended to get the water sports activities booked in advance through tour operators.
  39. While parasailing, always opt for Double , though it is expensive but is safe against winds.
  40. If one has opted for single parasailing vendors to grab more money out of tourists’ pockets, they deny providing the service by giving an excuse of heavy winds .The sure-sort way to ignore this issue is to get double parasailing booked for you.
  41. You might get changing rooms around, but don’t expect those to be as clean as in Europe or Australia.
  42. There are also a few beach resorts in Benoa that can offer an awesome experience to tourists.
  43. Seminyak is almost 10 kms from Benoa and around 6-7 kms from Kuta.
  44. Seminyak is a party place for tourists.
  45. Potato Street in Seminyak is a famous place for Australians and Europeans.
  46. A Few Late Night Clubs/Bars in Seminyak are-
    • Red Ruby
    • Cocoon Beach Club
    • Mirror Lounge & Club
    • Alila Seminyak Beach Bar.
    • Bar 68
  47. There are hotels in Seminyak where mostly Australians and Europeans stay for the happening night life and food options.
  48. There is another part of Seminyak also which is not happening.
  49. There are good private pool villas built in the not so happening part of Seminyak for relaxing and peaceful time for tourists.
  50. A few places to see in Seminyak are:
    • Pura Pura Petitenget Temple
    • Santo Mikael Church
    • Seminyak Beach
    • Oberoi Flea Market.
    • Seminyak Square
  51. Denpasar is almost 8 kms from Seminyak , around 9 kms from Kuta and almost 15kms from Benoa.
  52. A few places to see in Denpasar are:
    • Upside down
    • Sakenan Temple
    • Pura Agung Jagatnatha
    • Bali Museum
  53. There are a few good hotels in Denpasar, Kuta, and Seminyak. They are always recommended.
  54. Bali’s jail is also located in Denpasar.
  55. Legian is almost 7 kms from Denpasar , 3.2 kms from Kuta, 10 kms from Benoa and around 2 kms from Seminyak.
  56. Legian is also considered to be the middle point between Kuta and Seminyak.
  57. There are a few good 5* resorts in Legian.
  58. Legian beach is quite beautiful and exotic.
  59. Nusa Dua is almost 14 kms from Legian , 10 kms from Kuta, 15 kms from Seminyak, 16 kms from Denpasar and 7 kms from Benoa.
  60. Nusa Dua is especially popular for its 7* beach resorts and its rich, classy crowd.
  61. Some resorts in Nusa Dua are quite expensive.
  62. A few places to see in Nusa Dua are-
    • Nusa Dua Beach
    • Geger Beach, Nusa Dua, Bali
    • Museum PASIFIKA
    • Nusa Dua, Golf Club
    • Mengiat Beach
  63. Hardy’s mall is the shopping centre of Nusa Dua where one can look for souvenirs.
  64. A few famous resorts in Nusa Dua are-
    • The Westin Nusa Dua
    • Grand Mirage
    • Grand Hyatt
    • Hilton Nusa Dua
  65. Jimbaran is 12 kms away from Kuta , 10 kms from Nusa Dua and 15 kms from Seminyak.
  66. Jimbaran is famous for Jimbaran Beach.
  67. It is very near to the Nagurai Airport in Bali.
  68. It is the fishing hub of Bali.
  69. It is very important to choose a hotel which is far from Jimbaran fish market, otherwise you will be ready to cope with the smell of raw fish.
  70. There are many hotels, resorts, and private pool villas in Jimbaran that offer an amazing experience.
  71. There are good food restaurant options in Jimbaran, though before choosing a hotel or resort, food preference should be considered.
  72. Uluwatu is almost 15 kms away from Jimbaran , 25 kms from Kuta , 27 kms away from Seminyak and 15 kms from Benoa.
  73. The Uluwatu area, however, was not developed or considered by tourists a few years ago but now is becoming popular among tourists.
  74. It is becoming a favourite among tourists with the construction of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park.
  75. Here there is a statue that is designed to be Indonesia’s tallest statue.
  76. One can spend a full day here and be amazed by the art and architecture of the modern era.
  77. Uluwatu is also famous for its charming and amazing Uluwatu temple.
  78. This temple is on the cliffs and gives an awesome view of the ocean.
  79. Kecak dance uluwatu is also a very famous activity that people love to see in Bali.
  80. One should wear long dresses like sarongs, long skirts or even jeans are OK.
  81. There are other beautiful and amazing beaches near Uluwatu as well.
    • DreamLand Beach
    • Padang Padang beach.
    • Suluban cave beach
    • Balangan Beach
  82. There are lots of villas and resorts built in Uluwatu.
  83. Sanur is almost 30kms away from Uluwatu , 13kms from Kuta , 16kms from Seminyak and 17kms from Benoa.
  84. Sanur, though underrated, is a good area to explore.
  85. Sanur is a harbour which connects Bali to other small islands near by.
  86. One is transferred to the other island on speedboats and ferries.
  87. Sanur has also got good resorts or accommodations to stay in.
  88. Sanur beach is quite popular among tourists.
  89. Ubud is almost 28kms away from Sanur, 38kms from Kuta, 37 kms from the airport, 54 kms from Uluwatu and 39 kms from Benoa.
  90. Ubud is an isolated but popular place among tourists.
  91. Ubud is mostly famous for its PVT pool villas built in lush green forests and rice fields.
  92. One can see big lizards in the hotel rooms or outdoor areas.
  93. There is no nightlife in Ubud.
  94. People usually come back before dark to hotel rooms.
  95. Ubud is totally safe but quite isolated.
  96. One can get a glimpse of Hindu culture in Ubud.
  97. Few places to see in Ubud are –
    • Ubud Art and Craft Market Silk and Mass
    • Kintamani Ubud Volcano.
    • Monkey Forest
    • Bali Safari Marine Park.
    • Bali Bird par
    • Tukkad Waterfall
    • Holyspring Temple
    • Tegenungan waterfall
    • Mt Batur
    • Coffee Plantation
    • Campuhan Ridge walk.
    • Gate of Heaven (Lempyang temple)
    • Trita Emphul Temple.
    • Ubud Swing
    • Elephant cave
    • Royal Palace cultural night performance
  98. One can hire a two-wheeler from hotels or vendors but with an existing international license .
  99. Before booking accommodation in Ubud, one should be fully sure about staying in peace and isolation .
  100. Silk and mass is a good place to explore, but your cab driver might have a deal with vendors there ! Don’t let the cab driver force you to spend more time at the market.
  101. Vendors might give you a deal on a Kintamani tour with lunch. It should be noted that the lunch buffet at Kintamani volcano is not up to the mark as per the hygiene standards. It is always better to have food on your own at a good restaurant.
  102. At Monkey Forest, monkeys are very familiar but, at the same time, dominating . If you think that you can handle the touch of monkeys only, then plan to visit there.
  103. These monkeys are long-tailed and rare.
  104. Coffee Plantation is an awesome place if you are a coffee lover.
  105. One might not like the taste of coffee, but the experience is impeccable.
  106. Bali Safari marine park is one of the most popular tours of Ubud as well as of Bali.
  107. One can spend a full day here as per the entry packages.
  108. There are a few packages which offer meals with elephants or other wild animals.
  109. There is Mara River Safari Lodge where one can book a stay near or connected to the wild safari park.
  110. The Gate of Heaven (Lempyang Temple) is becoming very popular among travellers !People love to click and post pics around this gate.
  111. The Ubud Swing is also becoming a Bali sensation on Instagram. People are loving swing activities and picture clicks here.

Other Important tours of Bali

201 things to be considered before booking a Bali holiday package in 2021?
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  1. Other important tours in Bali are:
    • Tanha Lot Temple.
    • Ulun Danu Temple.
    • Handara Gate temple.
    • Baisakh Temple
    • Lovina beach
    • Gitgit waterfall
    • Air Panas Banjar hot spring.
    • Dolphin Spotting
    • BanyuMala twin water falls.
    • Munduk waterfalls
    • Bounty Cruise
  2. Tanha Lot temple has become the symbol of Bali tourism in recent decades.
  3. Every 3rd picture on the internet about Bali is of Tanha Lot Temple.
  4. It is another temple on the ocean which gives a beautiful experience and a picturesque location.
  5. Tanha Lot temple is almost 21 kms from Kuta , 43 kms from Uluwatu and 33 kms from Ubud.
  6. Another temple which is near to Tanha Lot is Ulun Danu temple.
  7. There are different Ulun Danu temples around Bali, but this one is the most visited by tourists.
  8. Near to Ulun Danu temple there is Handara Gate, which is also becoming one of the favourite spots for tourism.
  9. Baisakh temple is in the area of Mt. Agung, which is a volcano that erupted in 2017.
  10. Baisakh temple is quite beautiful and is at a distance of 65 kms from Kuta.
  11. Lovina Beach is one of the most amazing beaches you will see in Bali.
  12. It is 87 kms from Kuta and 72 kms from Ubud.
  13. The way from Kuta or Ubud to Lovina is quite isolated.
  14. One can also do dolphin spotting near Lovina beach.
  15. Bounty cruise is the queen of cruises of Bali.
  16. It provides dinner service in the evening as well as a day cruise tour in the morning to Lembongan island.
  17. This cruise departs from Sanur, which is a harbour that connects many islands.
  18. One can experience cultural dances on the cruise.
  19. The dinner served will be a Chinese buffet.
  20. Though it is called a “romantic experience,” one should not expect such from it.
  21. There will be red plastic chairs for audiences who can fill the plates and sit on the chairs to have their meals.

Things to be considered before visiting islands Near Bali

Things to be considered before visiting islands Near Bali
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  1. Few important tourist Islands near Bali are –
    • Nusa Penida
    • Nusa Lembongan
    • Gili Island
    • Raja Ampat
  2. Nusa Penida was not so famous until 2016 but its popularity Started increasing when internet bloggers and nomads showcased the beauty of it in front of the world
  3. Nusa Penida’s beaches are quite awesome and unexplored
  4. One can have an experience of Scuba diving in the beautiful marines of the island
  5. One can travel from Sanur in Bali to Nusa Penida
  6. There is a tourism fee of almost 5 USD to enter the island
  7. One can get glimpses of culture of Indonesia in Nusa Penida island
  8. Though it is not much developed but investors has starting building hotels and resorts here
  9. There is No Nightlife in Nusa Penida Island
  10. Mostly people do a day trip to Nusa Penida and comes back in the evening
  11. If one wants to stay , 1 night is more than enough to explore the island
  12. One needs to be picked up from Hotel early by 7 in the morning to catch a ferry to Penida
  13. It is always better to get the tour booked with the vendor in advance to be safe from paying more
  14. Nusa Penida oceans are the Hub of Jelly fishes which sometimes also become head ache for tourists
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  16. Speed boat from Gili can be caught from Padag Bai port of Bali
  17. It almost takes 1:30 hours to reach to Gili from Bali
  18. It is important to keep in mind to book fast boat only to travel to Gili
  19. There are 3 islands in Lombok
    1. Gili Air
    2. Gili Memo
    3. Gili Trawangan
  20. There are no boats from Gili to Bali in the evening after a certain time
  21. There are no motor vehicles in Gili , if there are some those are exceptions for locals
  22. From Gili port to Hotel one has to hire Cidomo(Horse cart) as there are no cars
  23. Cycle is the popular source of transportation in Gili
  24. Gili Trawangan is the party Island where one can do most of the activities
  25. Night life in Gili trawangan is quite popular
  26. Though it is an Muslim majority Island but Booze is still allowed here
  27. There is one Mcd in Gili island
  28. Gili islands are famous for water sports activities
  29. These are also famous for Big and turtles around
  30. Out of 3 , Gili Trawangan is the most developed island where one can get good resorts
  31. In 2018 it was struck with earthquake with an Tsunami alert
  32. People usually loves to spend 2 nights in Gili
  33. One needs to be picked from Kuta or Ubud in the early morning 7
  34. If tour is properly planned , it can become an inexpensive affair for you
  35. Lembongan is another Island for which one can board ferry or cruise from Sanur port
  36. The most popular way to travel to Lembogan is through Bounty cruise
  37. This cruise includes Slides , on Stage performances, lunch and water sports activities
  38. It takes you to Lembogan island where one can enjoy the activities at shoreline, spend awesome time and have barbeque
  39. The cruise will drop one back to Bali max by 5 PM
  40. One can also travel to Lembogan from Bali via ferry
  41. 1 Night is enough if one wants to stay in Lembogan island
  42. Lembogan island is semi developed and one can find good budgeted resorts here
  43. Compared to Gili one wont get good nightlife in Lembogan
  44. Gili is famous for nigh life , Penida is famous for natural beauty and Lembogan is popular for water sports activities , in short
  45. Raja Ampat is another unexplored island which can be clubbed with Bali
  46. It is not as developed as other islands near to Bali
  47. It is almost a 7-8 hours ferry ride from Bali to Raja Ampat
  48. No good Hotel chains and restaurants has yet reached to this Island
  49. It comprises of 1500 small islands

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Candle Light Dinner facts before Booking Bali Holidays

Candle Light Dinner facts before Booking Bali Holidays
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  1. There are a variety of candle light dinner options in Bali and why not, it is the romantic gateway destination for couples.
  2. Prices for candlelight dinners start from 10 USD until 1000 USD, depending upon your budget.
  3. Vendors mostly offer beach candle light dinners, but most of those are not upto the mark as they were only included for name’s sake in the quote to attract people to book.
  4. Budgeted, good candlelight dinners can easily be done at beach resorts with awesome ambience and yummy food.
  5. Some of the beach properties where you can experience candlelight dinners in good ambience are-
    • Indian cuisine is a must try)
    • Sadara beach resort (awesome non-vegetarian dishes)
    • Grand Mirage beach resort
  6. One can also have candle light dinners in villas around the PVT Pools.
  7. The best part of having candle light dinners in villas is that you can usually get the menu prepared as per your own preferences.
  8. Beware of places where they will make you sit in a restaurant with kids all around , having a few roses on the table and a candle . Yes, they call it romantic.
  1. One should always follow the general rules like Wearing a mask and keeping social distancing
  2. It is very important to choose a not too cozy accommodation for the tour , there must be good ventilation in hotels and rooms
  3. One should always choose an accommodation where staff and management is professional , one should never take risk of staying at a hotel where no professionalism is being applied
  4. One can always check genuine reviews of hotel before deciding on it
  5. One should not eat anything from anywhere while on tour, proper restaurants and chains should be chosen for having a meal
  6. There are many tours in bali where they will give you an option of SIC transfers (Seat in Coach) in other clearer terms Shared transfers which should totally be ignored at least in 2021
  7. Private cabs in bali comes in Budget without giving extra load to the pocket
  8. Before indulging into activities like Scuba and Snorkelling it should be assured that the masks and equipments are properly sanitised after every use , if there is even a single doubt better leave the option of doing it
  9. Ignore entering into night clubs where there is a lot of crowd , if can’t control the freak inside you better wear mask and gloves
  10. Before even travelling to any country other than Indonesia also , it should be on your priority list to get your insurance done with trusted insurance company which provides their services in Bali also
  11. It is always better to examine yourself before travelling to any other city country , if you are suffering from underlying deceases like diabetes or Kidney then it always better to postpone the travel until situation gets better.
  12. Always be updated with WHO guidelines before travelling to any destination in the world

These were 201 things to be considered before booking a Bali holiday package , we pretty sure that once you will read these points you will get clear Understanding of Bali as a destination

Some frequently asked questions on Bali destination

Is Bali open for tourism in 2021?

Until December 31st, 2020 , Bali did not open for tourism but is expected to be open any time soon between the months of January 2021 and March 2021.
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What is the procedure for getting tourism Visa for Bali ?

A tourist visa for most countries is on arrival. One just needs to arrive in Bali with a confirmed hotel and return ticket. You will get a visa for 30 days .
Post Covid, rules might change and will be updated as per notification here.
Check if your country is in on arrival country list

Is Bali medical infrastructure good enough to handle Covid 19 cases ?

Bali’s medical infrastructure is improving, but compared to western countries, it does not have a good ranking. It is always recommended to not travel away from home if one is already suffering from an underlying disease.

Is Bali Expensive ?

Indonesia’s currency is very low as compared to other Asian countries also, but that does not mean that Bali is very cheap . A water bottle may cost 50 cents to 1 dollar .
Yes, as compared to European , Caribbean, and American countries, Bali is very inexpensive.

It is better to book Bali on own or one should use travel agency services ?

Bali can be pretty easy to book on your own, but there are a few loopholes which can turn your trip into an unwanted mess . Sometimes a professional travel executive can make it effortless and hassle-free for the same price .

Does LestacWorld arrange packages for Bali ?

Lestac Nora Bali is legally registered in Indonesia.The license number of LestacNora Bali is 0706220061383.LestacNora Bali is registered as a subentity of Lestacworld Holiday Planners in Indonesia. The office address is Jl. Nusa Indah, Gg II No. 8, Denpasar Timur, Pin Code – 80235.

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