When Bali is opening for tourism ?
When Bali is opening for tourism ?

Is Bali Opening in July 2021 for tourists ?

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Bali Opening in July 2021 ?

Is Bali opening in July 2021 ?

:)Until May 2021 there were lots of speculations and rumours of Bali’s opening but all proved to be wrong. Global connectivity is severely effected due to the impact of COVID19.
There are different speculations in market that Bali is going to open in the month of Jan or March and may be in July, but that again is not looking possible considering the current scenario of Corona virus .
Though again Bali officials has issued the statement that they are trying to get open in the month of July, but with no surety of it.

Is Bali going to open in 2021 ?

As we have seen the second wave emerging & spreading disruption in some countries of south east Asia like India & Nepal , the chances of Bali getting open in 2021 is quite less . Bali administration would not want to put the people of the territory into the risk of second wave .

Out of Bali and Maldives which is safe for vacations ?

We will not play with words and directly come to the conclusion that Maldives offers more privacy on tour and is definitely more safer than Bali .
This does not mean that Bali is not safe, but if only safety is the criteria then go for Maldives.
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How people in Bali are surviving in this pandemic when tourists are not allowed to enter the country .

The economy of Bali totally depends on tourists and due to pandemic international tourism totally stopped . The condition of drivers , vendors , Hotel staff and restaurant owners is in a very difficult stage .
Many people has gone back to their villages and started working as farmers .
A report said that if international tourism will not start in next 6 months , global hospitality industry will see lots of suicidal attempts.When Bali is going to open ?

Is it safe to travel to Bali , when it is open ?

Well, the hospitality industry of Bali is the most professional industry that works together for the betterment of the island also . They have asked to hotel managements to learn to apply social distancing measures and policies that keeps COVID away. All vendors of hotels are notified to prepare their tours as per the norms of govt for the containment of COVID 19.
Yes Bali is preparing for the comeback and it will come back stronger with best policies and environment .When will Bali Open ?

Should One book Bali holiday Package now or wait until it gets open ?

As believed by many experts of Industry ,if some one is desiring to travel to Bali in 2021 then they should book the holidays packages (Hotels , Flights and services) .
As per them once the international travel will be open, the prices of resorts and hotels will go rocket high .
One should book the services only if there is complete flexibility .

What are the recommended hotels to stay in Bali post lock down ?

Below are some good Hotel options to stay in Bali

Swiss Bel Tuban Hotel In Kuta
Alam Puisi Pvt Pool Villa in Ubud
Nandani Villa in Ubud
Westin Nusa Dua
Discovery Kartika Plaza
Hard RockSafe Hotels of Bali after pandemic

Is Bali open for Domestic tourism ?

Yes Bali is open for Domestic tourism with some clauses as local tourists must have a PCR test taken no longer than 72hours before departure.
This rule is said to be for Christmas and might discontinue after that

What Measures should be taken before travelling to Bali ?

Good Hotels and Pvt cabs should already be booked before reaching out to the town as you dont want to get into the mess of negotiations and availability issues once you reach Bali . It is expected to be full of tourist once international flights are open.
Most important is insurance and that too should have COVID 19 cover . We strongly recommend to have a good insurance policy before travelling to any country.
Masks and Sanitisers has already become the part of life.
It is also recommended to get COVID 19 test done even if it is mandatory to enter in the country or not as you would never want to carry any infection to any foreign country .

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