Checklist to travel to Bali
Checklist to travel to Bali

Checklist to travel to Bali-2022

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Fortunately, Indonesia and Bali have now started allowing Indians to enter their territories. Covid 19 forced tourists to sit back and hold on to vacations. However, in 2022, things got better and mostly every destination is now open for travellers with few terms and conditions. Now, it is very important for travellers to be updated on the rules and regulations of the country they are travelling to. To help travellers enjoy their vacations, we are creating a checklist to travel to Bali in 2022.

Whenever we are in another country, we represent our Nation. All actions we make, directly or indirectly effect the nations image 🙂

Checklist to travel to Bali in 2022

Mobile App that is required to be installed to travel to Bali

Which Mobile app is required to be installed to enter Bali?

PeduliLindungi app is required to be installed to enter Bali, Indonesia. The link to the app for Android users is – & for IOS users is

Destination Requirements to travel to Bali

  • As per the latest update on 6th April 2022, it is required to carry a negative RTPCR test report to board the flight to Bali, Indonesia. The test should be conducted before within 48 hours of travel.
  • Initially, there was a rule that every international tourist arriving at Bali Airport will have to get tested on arrival. However, as per the update on 6th April 2022, there will be no test conducted on arrival even for International tourists.
    • Everyone will have to pass through the temperature check at the airport if the body temperature is more than 99.5 C, a covid test will be conducted then and the cost will be borne by the traveller.
    • If the covid test is negative, the traveller can continue with the tour plan
    • If the covid test is positive, one will have to get quarantined for a minimum of 5 days and then another test will be conducted. The quarantine stays cost will be borne by the insurance company or the traveller.
  • As per the latest requirement to visit Bali, travellers should be fully vaccinated with 2 doses of WHO-approved vaccination. on 6th April 2022, it is also added that travellers can also show a covid recovery certificate with few terms and conditions.
    • Travellers with less than 2 covid doses will have to get quarantined for at least 5 days
    • For Travellers below 18 years, there is no requirement for a Covid certificate.
  • As per the latest requirement to Visit Bali, it is also mandatory to carry travel insurance.
    • Travel insurance cover should not be less than 20000 USD or 25000 SGD
    • It should also include covid medical cover
    • The travel insurance company can be local Indonesian or International but should be valid in Indonesia.
  • One is also required to get tested one day before departure from Bali. If the covid test result is negative then the traveller can return back otherwise they will have to get quarantined.

Also, read Rules to travel to Bali

Is it Required to get tested in Bali to return back?

It is a matter of Confusion if a covid test is required to be done while returning from Bali. In the latest guidelines, nowhere it is mentioned that it is required, however, there will be 3 different nations involved (Indonesia, Layover Country and origin country). One should check and consider the regulations of all these nations. There are many of our clients who were asked for the RTPCR test while flying back from Bali. However many were not asked.

We tried to get in touch with Airlines and embassies, however, there are no clear answers. We would recommend having face to face discussion with airline staff, while you are travelling to Bali and getting a written confirmation.

Lestacworld Holiday Planners recommends getting tested if there is no clear answer. If the client is not getting tested in Bali and airlines denied them boarding, it will only be the client’s responsibility.

Checklist of Documents you should carry while travelling to Bali

  • Passport of All travellers – It should have 6 months validity from the date of travel
  • Vaccination Certificate (Always Keep it handy)
  • Hotel Voucher – Can be Kept in Mobile Also
  • Return e-ticket – Can be Kept in Mobile Also
  • Passport Size Photograph – Although not compulsory but is Must

One should not carry Indian documents like Adhar card or Pan card, there is no validity of these documents while you are in Bali.

Checklist of Things you should keep While travelling to Bali

  • Sunscreen – You would need the sunscreen while you are on your tours in Bali
  • T-Shirts, Trousers, Capris or other summer clothes – Be it any season, you won’t require warm clothes in Bali. Keep lightweight clothes and enjoy the coastal destination
  • Ready to eat stuff – One can also keep ready to eat stuff like maggie packets, thephlas etc. Mostly in all hotels, there are Kettles kept in the room.
  • Comfortable Shoes & Sleepers – You might need to switch from your shoes to slippers or vice versa while you are on tour in Bali.
  • Swim Clothes or Extra Clothes on water sports day – When you will be doing your water sports activities, you will have to change your clothes to continue to the next tour plan. Always keep extra clothes on this day
  • Clothes for Candle Light Dinner – Keep your favourite attire ready on the day you are going to do candlelight dinner. To make it more memorable for you.

Other Important Suggestions to travel to Bali

  • First of all, it is very important to understand the time difference. On your tickets, the timings are mentioned as per the country. For example, if you are flying from India around 10 PM, then on flight tickets it will be written 10 PM IST time. However say if you have a layover in Malaysia, the arrival time in Malaysia mentioned on tickets will be as per Malaysian Malaysian Standard time. Also, the departure time from Malaysia will be Malaysian Standard time. When you reach Bali, it will be the Balinese standard time. Kindly keep updating your watch accordingly.
  • One should always keep USD before catching a flight for Bali. One can visit local vendors and get USD instead of getting it exchanged at the airport. Any airport will give you an expensive deal.
  • Try to cover yourself when visiting any temple in Bali. Also, the culture and rituals should be respected all the time when you are in public places.
  • If you are having any early morning tours or pick up, you can ask your hotel to pack your food in the morning. They might not be able to serve you early morning, but they should be able to pack it for you. This discussion should be made with hotel reception one day before.
  • The drinking water bottles per day will be limited to 2. As per our past experiences, it would be better to buy the bigger bottle from the bearest market and keep that in the room. If you are staying for a longer period.
  • Many Indian restaurants are there in Bali. Once you arrive at the hotel, check for the Indian restaurant nearby.
  • Usually, there is a layover in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, or Vietnam for Bali from India. Mostly the layover time is at night only, it is always better to keep some non-liquid food in hand baggage for that period. Usually, at night, all the food outlets are closed at these airports.
  • There are few Indian restaurants in Bali, for example, Ganesha etc in Ubud are a bit expensive. Discuss with your driver about the category of Hotel before visiting.
  • Discuss your tour plan with the driver on the very first day for a smooth beginning. Get his number and reverify the next day’s pickup timings.
  • If you want you can order the food via the app, payment can be made in cash. For Android & For iPhone
  • When at watersports activities, don’t pay anyone for clicking photos or any other service. You should refrain from getting into any scam.
  • Silk & Mass in Ubud is a market where they sell you handmade cultural things, if you really have an interest and want to buy, only then agree to visit the place. Once you visit you might be forced by locals to buy the products at higher prices. However, these can be good souvenirs to buy if your negotiation skills are good.
  • The best and cheapest market in Bali for tourists is Krishna Ole Ole where you can buy inexpensive products like T-shirts, Fridge magnets etc. Obviously, the negotiation skills will be tested.
  • Specifically for Island tours, one should be ready around a given time (usually 6:45 AM) in the morning. There are specific ferry timings which cannot be missed. If you have an island tour the next day, be conscious.
  • For the RTPCR test in Bali, discuss with your driver or hotel to know about nearby labs.
  • Though, driver expenses are already included in your quote price. However, we have had queries where people ask about tips they should give to drivers. If in case you want to give them tips, currency equivalent to 500 INR is what most people give.

Checklist of Indian Restaurants in Bali

  • Gateway Of India
  • Queen’s Tandoor
  • Bollywood Restaurant in Ubud
  • Warung Little India
  • Indian Delights
  • Ganesha Ek Sanskriti
  • Indian Dhaba
  • Atithi
  • La Rouge
  • Spice Mantraa Indian Cuisine
  • Queens of India
  • NU Delhi
  • Earth Cafe

Some Important Words in the Balinese Language

  • Good Morning: Selamat pagi (sounds like: “suh-lah-mat pah-gee”)
  • Good Day: Selamat siang (sounds like: “suh-lah-mat see-ahng”)
  • Good Afternoon: Selamat sore (sounds like: “suh-lah-mat sor-ee”)
  • Good Evening: Selamat malam (sounds like: “suh-lah-mat mah-lahm”)
  • Ya: Yes.
  • Tidak: No.

Few real examples that will help you understand, and deal with scenarios while on your Bali tour

Mr Rahul had a trip to Bali and was fully excited about it. However, they thought that they will exchange currency at Delhi airport for their expenses in Bali. When they reached Delhi airport, they were given Rs 96 per USD price. They realised that the current price of USD is 80 USD in the global market. But there was no option left so they had to bear losses on the very first day of their tour.

In another incident, Mr Sreejith and his wife from Chennai boarded a Vietjet flight to Bali. After arriving at Hanoi Airport of Vietnam they never changed their watch timings as per Vietnam standard time. The connecting flight to Bali was at 4 AM Vietnamese standard time but they reached the counter around 5:30 Vietnamese standard time. They were also not able to understand the announcements properly due to language barriers. They ended up missing the flight and paid again for the next coming flight. The timings mentioned on the tickets are always as per the country you will land or depart from.

Mr Srinivas on his honeymoon reached Bali. He started completing all his procedures and got stuck with the baggage part. His baggage got missing which he got almost after 1:30 hours. Unaware of the fact that he can connect to Airport’s wifi and inform about this issue the concerned executive or driver, Mr Srinivas just waited for the baggage and came out. Driver, on the other hand, realised that traveller has not shown up even after 2 hours of flight arrival and he left the premises. If in case there is any delay due to any reason, inform the driver or executive right away.

Mr Hari from Bangalore went to Bali on his honeymoon and checked into the hotel. He never asked anyone about the Indian restaurant and kept on eating Indonesian cuisine in Hotel, even after they disliked it. They spent the whole tour eating the same food. However, Mr Swami from Cochin went and asked for the Indian restaurants nearby to the Hotel reception. They also downloaded the food delivery app For Android & For iPhone . When they were staying in Ubud they ordered food and in Kuta, they enjoyed nightlife by walk and had food outside.

In another Incident Mr Gupta asked for the driver’s recommendation for the good Indian food, and the driver took them to the restaurant. Without knowing the fact that the restaurant is very expensive Mr Gupta went inside and ordered the food because there was no option left. It generally depends on the individual’s budget, however, whenever you ask someone about food recommendations, don’t hesitate it ask if it is too expensive or normal.

Mr Varun from Delhi went to Bali for his Honeymoon. They had an island tour planned for the next day for which the pickup timing was early morning around 6:45 AM. Mr Varun was not able to wake up on time and was late coming to the hotel lobby. The driver left the Hotel and treated it as a “No Show”. Mr Varun then started fighting for a refund or re arrangement of the tour, however, once the island tours are booked those become non-refundable and reschedulable. as per the policies of ferry vendors. Nothing could have happened, so the whole day was ruined for Mr Varun.

Mr Vinay from Pune came to the hotel lobby exact on time around 6:45 for the Island tour. However, Driver came to the lobby around 7:10. Because Mr Varun was on time he did not panic and went on the tour and enjoyed it a lot. He also asked the hotel one day before to pack breakfast early in the morning for him. The whole tour was perfect for him and he enjoyed a lot.

In an incident, there was a candlelight dinner arranged after Watersports and Tanha Lot temple for Ms Sindhuja. Ms Sindhuja was smart and kept clothes for candlelight dinner in the car so she could make that moment special. They changed their cloth at the venue and enjoyed their lovely moments.

Mr Bhupendra and his wife were doing water sports activities at Benoa beach, one man approached them for clicking their photographs in exchange for 5 USD. They paid him 5 USD, however, that man never showed up with clicked photographs. You should always deal with trustworthy identities when on tour.

Ms Vidya and her Husband from Bangalore went to Bali for their anniversary. They made an amazing bond with the driver. Driver made extra efforts to keep them happy. However it was not the same for Mr Devendra from Delhi who also went to Bali for honeymoon. Mr Devendra started treated driver rudely like a servant from the very first day. He started giving orders and made driver uneasy. Driver, though completed that tour professionally but never made any extra effort to please Mr Devendra. Also, it has to be kept in mind, that any actions we make in a different country will directly or indirectly effect our nations image.

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