What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

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What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?Kislovodsk is a spa city in southwestern Russia. Its natural mineral water is served at the English-style 19th-century Narzan Gallery spring. The Cascade Stairs lead up to the vast Kurortny Park, with its winding trails, the Valley of Roses garden and a cable car. Book Russian package

What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

  1. Kislovodsk National Park
  2. Narzannaya Gallery
  3. Medovie Vodopady Tourist Complex
  4. Mountain Maloye Sedlo
  5. The Singing Fountain
  6. Cascade Stairs
  7. Cableway
  8. Yaroshenko Memorial House Museum
  9. Cathedral of St. Nicholas
  10. Blagodat Theatre and Museum
  11. Olkhovka River

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Kislovodsk National Park

Kislovodsk National Park

A real man-made wonder – Kislovodsk resort park is a massive green space,one of the largest city parks in the world. Wonderful hilly landscape with endless walking, cycling and running options. Low park, closer to the city, has a number of restaurants, more of a wild forest is the High park. Magical views to Elbrus (the highest mountain in Europe) from a number of places on the park. Hugely recommended.

Narzannaya Gallery

What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

t is quite the sight to behold the masses flocking into this drinking gallery to fill up their water bottles of sulfury-flavored water. But it’s a piece of history and that gives it great value. It’s location is great, right between the park and walking street.

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Medovie Vodopady Tourist Complex

This is a beautiful area about 1.5 hrs. from Pyatigorsk and 45 minutes from Kislovodsk. You drive out into the country and the waterfall complex is kind of in the bottom of a swale/valley, with beautiful rock-faced cliffs surrounding it.

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Mountain Maloye Sedlo

What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

It`s located about 2 km to the right from the upper station of cableway. As you go along the terraincours towards the place you pass a big contruction site. Plenty of litter. As you reach the place, a stunning view is opening before you.

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The Singing Fountain

The square that houses this singing fountain is in one of the more modern parts of central Kislovodsk. The fountain itself is quite pretty, especially in the evening, and it periodically switches in to be musical mode, when the water jets and lighting match up with whatever is playing.

Cascade Stairs

What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

TheCascade(Armenian: Կասկադ, Kaskad) is a giantstairwaymade of limestone in Yerevan, Armenia. … The exterior of TheCascadefeatures multiple levels adorned with fountains and modernist sculptures from the Cafesjian collection. Thestairsafford walkers unobstructed views of central Yerevan and Mount Ararat.


Ropeway in Kislovodskis located in the territory of the national Park of Kislovodsk, its lower station located near rose Valley. From there lockers rise to the top of the Blue mountains to a height of 1167 metres above sea level, where there is an observation deck, a cafe, and the Olympic complex (not visited by tourists). Along the way are wonderful views, especially in the beginning of the movement when the cabins pass over the Valley of roses.

Yaroshenko Memorial House Museum

A lovely museum in Kislovodsk in the estate of painter Yaroshenko. Order an excursion if you can, it adds a lot. Or at least read about Yaroshenko and Peredvizhniki painters – very interesting. The museum is a collection of houses in the former estate with a lovely garden, very close to the park. I’d say a must when visiting Kislovodsk.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Its Golden domes are visible among the pines. In the foreground high pine trees, and in the distance against the green mountains visible snow-white St. Nicholas Cathedral.

Blagodat Theatre and Museum

Blagodat Theatre and Museum is located in Kislovodsk. Put Blagodat Theatre and Museum and other Kislovodsk attractions into our Kislovodsk day trip planning app, and watch your holiday take shape.

Olkhovka River

What are the Famous places to see in Kislovodsk ?

The waterfront of the Olkhovka river stretches from the Narzan galleries to the Pushkin monument, where most of the terrainkurs originate used by the vacationers to go up to the Resort Park. Actually, the bed of Olkhovka river with a small waterfront is the center of the Lower Resort Park, which was created in the 19 century

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