Qatar is spending 20 times more on FIFA than Russia.

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Qatar is spending 20 times more on FIFA than Russia : Qatar has spent a staggering 200 billion dollars on hosting the 2022 World Cup, which is roughly 20 times more than Russia spent on the 2018 tournament.

The contentious competition is scheduled to begin on November 20 amid infrastructural concerns despite the exorbitant expenditure of the host.

Qatar is spending 20 times more on FIFA than Russia.

We are sure that everyone who visits Qatar in 2022 will be delighted

A statement made by Fatma Al Nuaimi, executive director of communications for Qatar’s Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy,

These improvements were going to be made anyhow, but the football championship has undoubtedly sped them up so that the nation can accommodate the 1.5 million spectators who are expected to visit in 2022.”

Confidently, she continued: “We are sure that everyone who visits Qatar in 2022 will be delighted”.

In addition to leaving a lasting impact on Qatar even beyond 2022, “Our new facilities and services will provide an excellent experience for teams and fans as well as a fundamental legacy for Qatar after 2022.”The final will be held at Lusail, a former hamlet around 20 kilometres (12 miles) north of Doha.Lusail is still very much a work in progress, but it has already cost Qatar a fortune to grow up into a metropolis with 19 districts.According to its 2030 plan, Qatar has also spent a considerable amount of money on constructing airports and a massive subterranean transportation network.Approximately $36 billion was spent on building the Doha Metro, which opened in May 2019.According to estimates, it cost an additional $16 billion to build Hamad International Airport, which opened to the public in 2014.

Other Expensive Fifa world cup events

  • As a comparison, Russia spent $11.6 billion on hosting the last World Cup, while Qatar spent $ 200 billion.
  • Brazil spent $15bn in 2014
  • South Africa spent $3.6bn
  • While Korea and Japan spent a combined $7 billion on the 2002 World Cup.
  • Germany spent only $4.3 billion .
  • The United States spent $500,000 on its 1994 event.
  • France’s 1998 tournament cost $2.3 billion.

Luxurious but unaffordable for normal fans

Many fans are making a loss by reselling tickets to the Qatar Fifa match. To explain, many travellers were not informed that they would also need to spend a fortune for accommodation when they made their flight reservations. The high cost of lodging has been cited by many as a reason for not going to this year’s FIFA World Cup.

Controversy has followed the FIFA World Cup in Qatar since 2010 and it hasn’t gone away.Qatar is promising to make this FIFA event the most lavish ever with fewer than 53 days to go until it begins. However, is it getting unaffordable as a result of the competition to make it luxurious?

And to make matters worse for fans, Fifa has already reserved 80% of these rooms to host teams, sponsors, and its own high-ups.

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