Is it safe to Travel to Romania during Russia/Ukraine war?

Not only is Romania close to Russia and Ukraine, but Serbia and Kosovo are also on fire these days. For those who are looking to travel to Romania, they should not worry at the moment, considering they are not visiting areas near war zones. Romania is relatively safe to visit.

Is it safe to travel to Romania during the Russian/Ukraine war? In this unusual period of war, it is extremely necessary to traverse safely if anyone is precisely attempting to flee the nearby periphery nations of Ukraine. Few Borderland nations of Ukraine are –

  1. Poland
  2. Moldova
  3. Romania
  4. Belarus

There are individuals who want to know if it is safe to visit Romania during the ongoing battle or not! There is no straightforward answer to it and this is why it is additionally important to apprehend more regarding the conflict and its outcomes. Let us put some more light on it –

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Is it safe to travel to Romania during the Russian/Ukraine war?

Let us discuss Romanian/Ukrainian borders first –

Technically, journeying to Romania should be safe as war is between Ukraine and Russia. TheRomania–Ukraine borderis the state boundary between Romania and Ukraine. It consists of both a ground and a marine periphery. The entire boundary distance is 613.8 km including 292.2 km by rivers and 33 km by the Black Sea. It is an element of the exterior boundary of the European Union.

The boundary is largely inherited from the Romania–Soviet Union border, with some boundary conflicts, most prominent being the Snake Island case. On 4 July 2003, the President of Romanian Iliescu and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin engraved a pact about companionship and collaboration. Romania then pledged not to compete for regions of Ukraine or Moldova, which it lost to the Soviet Union after World War II.

Romanian/Ukrainian relationship

Northern Bukovina and parts of Bessarabia that presently belong to Ukraine were lost by Romania in 1940 as a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Although present boundaries were established by a 1997 accord, the joint narrative stays a basis of misinterpretation at the state level. This is evidenced by the demonstration imposed by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2019 against an address by President Volodymyr Zelensky in which he conveyed the inclusion of northern Bukovina into Romania in 1919 as a profession.

Should one travel to Romania during the Russian/Ukrainian war?

Before grabbing a flight to Romania one should be mindful of the Air space path airlines are heading to choose. The Russian/Ukrainian battle is evolving surprising and no one is sure about the extent it will reach to. Though airlines determine the air spaces as per the advisory of management, nevertheless, one should be conscious of it. One should likewise avoid the Romanian terminals near the periphery of Ukraine.

How Russia/Ukraine war can shut down travel around the world?

Most of the power-holding countries around the world are standing in the Favour of Ukraine. But Russia as one of the biggest superpowers is not looking to back off at any cost As of now, Russian troops have taken over a few important cities of Ukraine. If the war will continue like this, there might be a possibility that other superpowers might Join the war which will create another world war.

If in case it happens, world air travel will drastically be affected.

Can there be Nuclear war between the two and can that affect Air travel?

If the war persists like this, there is definitely the possibility of nuclear war. Ukraine years back gave all its nuclear weapons to Russia as per the treaty. However, it is still looking for it from other allied countries. Russia has clearly cleared that if required it can use nuclear weapons.

How Nuclear war can affect Air travel?

If in case, there will be a nuclear attack from any country, that would not end up as it ended in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If there will be a nuclear attack, there will definitely be swift action. This might put the whole world at risk and air travel will be the most affected and restricted.

Should one use Public or Private transfers in Romania?

One should always opt for Self-driven cars at this point in time. It gives more flexibility in case of emergency. The best self-driven cars can be hired from discover cars. They offer cars with flexible policies and are trustworthy.

Does that mean, one should not at all travel to Romania while the war between Russia/ Ukraine?

The above article has put further the consequences of the war on air travel. However, these are the worst-case scenarios that should never become reality. One should check the advisory issued by your govt to check if it is safe to travel to Romania or not? Our recommendation would be to plan your travel wisely and always analyse the current situation.

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