Players in the FIFA World Cup will use a data-driven approach analysed through app

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Players in the FIFA World Cup will use a data-driven approach analysed through app. Based on feedback from professional players, FIFA has created the FIFA Player App in conjunction with FIFPRO, the worldwide representation of professional footballers. In Qatar, the FIFA Player App will be used for the very first time during a FIFA World Cup. The study and interviews indicate that players are very interested in their performance data and want quick access to it. Each player will be able to see their own performance statistics quickly after each match using the FIFA Player App. The collected information includes the following:

• Enhanced football data metrics – derived from enhanced event data acquired by a team of highly skilled FIFA football performance analysts and monitoring data. Examples include if a player made an offer or movement to receive, whether their distribution motion broke opposing lines, and whether they exerted pressure on an opponent who had the ball. All measurements are recorded in accordance with the FIFA Football Language standards.
• Physical performance measurements – gathered through a highly precise in-stadium monitoring system comprised of many cameras positioned around the field to provide optimum player coverage. On location heat maps, metrics such as distance travelled at different speed thresholds, number of actions over 25 km/h, and maximum speed are presented.
• Enhanced football intelligence metrics – produced by the FIFA Football Performance Analysis & Insights team through the creation of a set of algorithms and models that combine event and monitoring data in real time. The new measures provide fresh and entertaining methods to analyse the game, such as the phase of play, line-breaking occurrences, receiving positions, and pressure given to the ball-carrying player.

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Players in the FIFA World Cup will use a data-driven approach analysed through app

  • FIFA Player App is accessible to all FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022TM participants.
  • FIFA will gather individual player statistics, providing players with quick information
  • Development based on FIFPRO advice and in accordance with the Player Data Rights Charter
  • In accordance with the FIFA President’s Vision 2020-2023, players at the FIFA World Cup 2022TM in Qatar will be able to get insights regarding their on-field performance by using the FIFA Player App.

How FIFPRO help players to improve the game-

This data is synchronised with match video to allow players to see all of their performance’s most crucial moments from several camera perspectives.Additionally, each participant will have access to many action images captured at important moments of each FIFA World Cup match. From inside the app, players will be able to save or share photographs along with their preferred match statistics on social media.When players arrive in Qatar for the FIFA World Cup, they will have access to the FIFA Player App. The FIFA Player App was successfully tested with players from many teams at the FIFA Arab Cup 2021TM and introduced to the FIFA World Cup teams during the recent Team Workshop in Doha.

Following the completion of each match, all players on the competing teams will have instant access to their personal performance data, along with any associated video footage.

This is the first concrete consequence of the cooperation between FIFA and FIFPRO, which aimed to set standards and best practises for the gathering, protection, and use of personal player-performance data. The creation of a Charter of Player Data Rights has been the subject of extensive collaboration between the two organisations.

FIFA’s Vision

One of the objectives of FIFA’s Vision 2020-2023 is to optimise the use of technology in order to provide the greatest benefit to football, its players, and the sport as a whole. This objective include the manner in which FIFA handles the personal data of its players.
The fact that players entrust us with their data is a source of great pride for FIFA, and the organization’s staff makes every effort to ensure the confidentiality of players’ personal information. There is more information on how FIFA is safeguarding personal data that can be accessed on the FIFA Data Protection Portal and in the FIFA Data Protection Pocket Guide, which explains the data protection rights in depth. Both of these resources can be found on the FIFA website.

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