How to plan your travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup?

Qatar is organising the most discussed Fifa world cup of the decade. This Fifa is very much awaited by the Arab and Asian fans of the Fifa world cup. But if you think, Europeans and Americans are going to be less in numbers, then it’s a myth. Without any surprise, more than Middle east fans, Europeans have booked their tickets and accommodations as of now. For people who are not so confident about travelling to Qatar for world-up matches, Our team has prepared a checklist to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup which will help you to plan your travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup.

How to plan your travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup?

We shall categorise the preparations to travel to Qatar for the Fifa world cup into 5 parts as below –

  1. Visa and Document check
  2. Ticket Allotments for your favourite matches of the Fifa world cup
  3. Booking Flights
  4. Finalising Accommodation
  5. Transportation arrangements
  6. Checklist of Documents required/ to be applied

Visa and Health declaration requirements for Fifa world cup

The first and the foremost thing you should check before checking match tickets and accommodations is “Visa” requirements. Although, for most countries, a visa is on arrival to enter Qatar. But it is very important to check it in all cases. Qatar is popular for surprising travellers by instantly changing policies of visas.

You can use the below widget to check if your nationality is required to get Visa? If there are other formalities also, those will be mentioned.

Ticket Allotments for your favourite matches of the Fifa world cup

To enjoy the Fifa world cup, it is very important for you to get tickets for your favourite team’s matches. To get the tickets there is a big fight this time. There are 3 phases in which tickets were sold in this Fifa world cup. 2 Phases have already passed and many fans have bought the tickets.

Phases in which Fifa world cup tickets will be sold-

1)Phase 1 (pre-draw)

2) Phase 2 (post-draw)

3)Phase 3 (first come, first serve) starting on 5th July

Here is the list of matches of the Fifa world cup. This information can be downloaded.

Flight Bookings for Fifa world cup

Once you have confirmed the tickets, it is very important to book the flights. Qatar Airways has tied up with different carriers around the world that will make your travel to Doha smooth. There is a huge demand for the Fifa world cup around that time, you should not delay and book your flights ASAP. Click here to get the best flight options on Qatar Airways website.

Flights for Fifa world cup

Finalising Accommodation for Fifa world cup

Well After you have booked the flights for your travel to the Fifa world cup, it is also very important to immediately book the accommodation. Hotels for almost all dates are already full. If you would have started the procedure 6-7 months before, you would have been the chooser, however, those who have started their accommodation search journey now will have to compromise or settle with whatever is available. Also, prices are SKy rocketing at the moment. Click on the link to check if hotels on your preferred dates are still available or not?

Transportation during Fifa World cup

After getting tickets, booking flights and accommodations, now it is time to arrange your transportation when you will be in Doha for Fifa world cup matches. Metro, Bus Shuttles, tramps and taxis will be in full demand. One can use these sources on match day. However, transfers from Airport to Hotel, return to the airport and nearby tourist objects visit is also to be taken care of. For these mentioned movements, you are required to arrange something. Renting a car is again a very suitable option for these moments during the Fifa world cup.

Self-drive cars during the FIFA world cup will be in very demand, so it is very important to get it booked on time. Click on the link to check the availability of cars for rent in Qatar.

Find Your Rental Car

Documents that are required to travel to Qatar for Fifa World Cup

  • Passport with 6 months Validity
  • Hayya Card (Is to be applied right after getting a match ticket)
  • Visa if Applicable in your case
  • Valid Vaccination certificate (It is also advised to get a booster before the travel date)
  • Travel Insurance policy
  • Hotel Accommodation vouchers

Frequently Asked Questions about Hayya Card during Fifa world cup

Is it compulsory to apply for a Hayya Card mandatory?

Yes. All fans who wish to attend FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ matches must apply for a Hayya Card.

How can I apply for Hayya’s card for the Fifa world cup?

First, you will have to purchase a ticket and then apply for a Hayya card on the basis of your tickets. Click here to apply for Hayya Card.

Will the Hayya card in Qatar help me to use public transport for free?

The mode of transportation to the stadium on the match day( you have a ticket) will be free for you if you have a Hayya card.No other routes will be free for you. When will have to arrange those on own.

Can’t I enter Qatar without Hayya Card?

No, You cannot enter Qatar if you do not have a Hayya card.

Do I need a match ticket to apply for a Hayya Card?

Yes as per the official website, as of now the ticket is required to apply for a Hayya.

Can I book the accommodation in Qatar before getting Hayya card approved ?

yes, you can book the accommodation before getting Hayya card approved. However, if it is not approved in future your reservation will be invalid as you will not be able to enter Qatar.

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