How world reacted when Qatar won bid to host FIFA world cup 2022.

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Sepp Blatter made the announcement that Qatar would be the host nation for the 2022 World Cup on December 2, 2010. It was a well-known fact that Qatar did not have the same level of popularity and recognition all over the world as it does at the present day. When it was announced that Qatar will be hosting the World Cup in 2022, nobody across the world was surprised, which is why no one was surprised. Very, very few people had anticipated this. Concern was voiced by supporters in western nations over the implications of this move. It was hard for anyone to imagine that a nation with such a strong Islamic tradition could play host to such a diverse and inclusive sporting event. The public as well as the competing teams and players voiced their lack of trust in the competition.

On the other hand, the Middle East and the Asian nations that are located in close proximity were overjoyed and thrilled at hearing this news. In spite of the fact that Japan and South Korea in Asia have already hosted the FIFA World Cup in 2002, the countries of south east Asia and the middle east are still going to have the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in the tournament.

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Reactions on Qatar winning FIFA world cup 2022 Bid –

Reaction by LGBT group

LGBT community responses to the news that Qatar has been awarded the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022
Because Qatar is an Islamic state, LGBT rights are not taken into consideration there. LGBT groups had strong reactions when it was announced that Qatar had won the bid to host the FIFA World Cup.

LGBT football organization A statement was issued by the Justin Campaign, which said —

“Despite what appears to be a dedication to humanitarian ideals and the development of global solidarity via football, FIFA is sending out a message that the rights of the worldwide LGBT community do not even register on their agenda. This message is being sent out loud and clear.

“It is a glaring and depressing reminder of just how much work there is still for us to accomplish,” she said.

LGBTory’s Matthew Sephton, who is linked with the Conservative movement, remarked

“Homosexuality should be decriminalized by 2022,” FIFA should request of Qatar.

In addition to this, he said, “Now that this decision has been made, I would want to lay the challenge to FIFA and the FA to be a force for good and also to get its own house in order.” I have high hopes that between now and 2022, Qatar will take steps to decriminalize homosexuality, and I believe that FIFA will play a role in making this happen.

The decision to award the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was criticized by an anti-homophobia organisation, which issued the following formal statement:

According to what is said on the organization’s website, “We strongly reject Fifa’s decision and will be organizing an LGBT boycott of all events linked with World Cup 2022.” “We are of the opinion that the World Cup should not be staged in any nation that violates or ignores the fundamental human rights of LGBT people,” said the group.

Other Miscellaneous reactions

Officially, the head coach of the German national football team stated —

“There were millions of people on the streets for the World Cup in 2006, the European Championships in 2008, and the World Cup in 2010,” the author writes. In an interview with the journal Sport Bild, the Germany national team coach Joachim Loew stated that if the World Cup in 2022 is held in the winter, no fan would be outside watching the game if the temperature is below five degrees Celsius. In his follow-up statement, he said, “I genuinely do not think it can be done since I also see the event from another point of view: that of the fans.”

Although there were no formal open remarks made by team management or players, there were messages of mistrust between the two parties on an irregular basis.

Reactions from Qatari supporters to the news that the country has banned alcohol owing to religious restrictions
According to Andrew, who is from France, “We can never conceive watching a FIFA world cup game without a drink in hand.” He continued by saying, “It appears like no one considered about supporters for the FIFA World Cup 2022.”

“At this point in time, we are not confident traveling to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup,” Zelesky of Serbia said. “Maybe after 12 years, in 2022, Qatar will be known to us.”

Ahmad from Bahrain stated, “I do follow FIFA world cups, and I realize that Qatar does not have an infrastructure.” He continued by saying, “Qatar will have to work extremely hard to construct it till 2022, and I hope that other Arabian nations would assist Qatar in the same.”

According to a research by Standard Chartered Bank, the bank has a “good perspective on the longer-term prognosis for infrastructure investment [in Qatar].” Within the next five years, the government intends to spend up to $20 billion on new roads and transportation infrastructure, and there are plans in the works for a metro system that will cost $36 billion in the longer term. In addition, Qatar is developing a deepwater port that will cost $5.5 billion and an airport that will cost $11 billion.


It has been asserted that it should have been obvious that the majority of western nations did not support Qatar’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2022. In connection to this topic, there were a lot of different things to think about. The bans on alcohol, the interference of governments in people’s choices of clothing, the lack of infrastructure in Qatar in 2010, the decision to play the World Cup in the winter due to the high temperatures in the summer, LGBT human rights, and other related topics were the ones that generated the most discussion. Other topics that were discussed included other issues related to the topic of human rights.

There is without a doubt a portion of the business community that recognized an opportunity here, and as soon as they did so, they shifted their focus to Qatar. When we talk about possibilities, it is essential to keep in mind that Qatar possessed a burgeoning economy, and that there was a significant amount of labor that needed to be performed there. Qatar needed to improve its infrastructure in the fields of sports, medical, roads, and education in order to host this year’s FIFA World Cup, and the country was prepared to invest billions of dollars in these endeavors. In contrast to Qatar, Russia already possesses a developed infrastructure, which means that far fewer alternatives are available to them in this respect.

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