Importance of Hayya card if you are visiting Qatar

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The twenty-second edition of the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar, situated in the Middle East. The first game of the World Cup is on November 20, and it will conclude on December 18. During the most significant football tournament in the world, the 32 national teams will compete in a total of 64 matches spread out over eight different locations.
More than one million spectators are anticipated to make the trip to Qatar for the event, according to the Supreme Organising Committee. As a result, the state of Qatar has mandated the use of a special form of identification for fans known as the FIFA World Cup Hayya Card Qatar. Here we need to understand the importance of the Hayya card if you are visiting Qatar.This is a travel document that local and foreign supporters may use to enter the country more easily and attend matches without any problems.

Find out all you need to know about the admission criteria for Qatar during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, including the Hayya Card Qatar and any additional restrictions that may apply.

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Importance of Hayya Card

  • The Qatar Hayya Card serves as both your entrance visa for the nation of Qatar and your ticket into any of its stadiums (along with the match ticket).
  • You do not need a visa if you have hayya card and you will be able to remain in Qatar during the whole of the 2018 FIFA World Cup (November 10 to December 23 of 2022).
  • Those passengers who have had all of their recommended vaccinations are exempt from the pre-departure testing requirements.
  • Fully vaccinated travelers are exempted from the pre-departure testing requirements. Unvaccinated travelers will have to present a negative PCR or antigen test.
  • Applicants Photo and Passport scanned copy is mandatory for hayya card.

Frequently asked questions about Hayya Card

What exactly is a Hayya Card ?

The Hayya card is an integral aspect of the country’s overall security policy, which is being implemented in preparation for the World Cup. The electronic Hayya Card, which is often referred to as a Fan ID, is a required entrance permit that must be shown in order to enter Qatar and get admission to stadiums.
This individualised and protected form of identification includes the cardholder’s name, portrait, status, match tickets, Hayya Card number, passport number, and a QR Code, in addition to other essential details. The electronic registration is simple and may be completed in a matter of minutes and seconds entirely online.

Who is required to submit an application for a Hayya Card?

A Hayya Card is required for entry into Qatar as well as for attendance at any matches that are part of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. This covers both those who live in Qatar and already have a match ticket as well as those who want to visit Qatar during this period but do not already have a match ticket.

Information and documentation needed to submit an application for a Hayya Card ?

The application procedure requires just a few items from you, which are as follows:
1)A photograph of yourself for the Qatar Hayya Card (Fan ID)
2)A scanned image of your current and valid passport.
3)The application number for a match ticket to the FIFA World Cup 2022.
4)A working email address at which you may be contacted to obtain the confirmation.
5)The particulars of a debit or credit card that may be used to make a safe payment for the application fee.
6)After your application has been reviewed and accepted, your Hayya Card will be instantly accessible through the Hayya mobile app. You will need to download the Hayya mobile app into your smartphone before you travel.

Till when hayya card is valid ?

The Qatar Hayya Card is an identification card provided by the government of Qatar to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 attendees. This document substitutes an entrance visa, however its validity is limited to the period of the event.
You should apply for a Hayya Card as soon as your match ticket purchase is verified. The procedure is same regardless of the port of entry into Qatar.

Transit Passenger Requirements at Doha International Airport ?

If you do not need a visa to transit at Doha International Airport, you do not need the Hayya Card for transit in Qatar. During the FIFA World Cup, it is impossible to leave the airport or enter Qatar without the Hayya Card.
One should refrain booking a flight which requires a transit visa to have a layover in Qatar during FIFA period.

Instructions for Completing the Qatar Ehteraz Entry Registration Form ?

You must submit the Qatar Entry Registration form, also known as the Ehteraz Pre-Entry Registration Form, in order to enter Qatar. As part of the Qatar COVID-19 health measures, the spread of the coronavirus will be monitored. Additionally, once entering Qatar, you must download the Ehteraz mobile application using an international SIM card.
Registration with Ehteraz is required for all travellers to Qatar, including residents, tourists, and GCC nations aged 18 or older. (or youngsters at least 12 years old who travel/access venues without an adult).

How much time it takes to get Hayya Card Approval ?

The cost of acquiring a Hayya Card varies based on an individual’s demands and budget.
The possibilities are as follows:
1)Standard Processing Time: This is the standard processing time, which is 7 Business Days.
2)Rush Processing Time: This expedited option has a duration of just 5 Business Days.
3)Super Rush Processing Time: You may acquire the Hayya Card in 3 Business Days if you are in a hurry.

You Just need to follow below steps to apply for Hayya Card –

  1. Visit the Hayya Qatar Portal and Sign up to Apply for Hayya Card and

    You can click on this link to visit the page from where you will be navigated to apply for Hayya Card.You will be asked to sign up or login with your previous login details. If you dont have account, you can sign up and create your Hayya login account.
    Hayya Card Signup

  2. You will then have to Choose Applicant Category.

    The next window will ask you to select the applicant category. Based on your selection, they will further ask related questions –
    1) For Match ticket Holder , you need to have ticket application number with you.
    2)Match Voucher holder is required to have voucher code.
    3)If you travelling with Match Hospitality, then you must fill order number.
    4)If the category is “voucher entourage” then it is required to full the voucher code

  3. Upload your personal Photo and Passport

    After that on the same page you will have to upload your personal passport size photo and both front and last page of your passport.These can be uploaded in JPEG format.

  4. Select if you are Qatari resident or GCC or Foreign resident.

    Yes even if you are a Qatari resident, you need to get Hayya card if you are travelling. GCC and other Foreign nationalities do have the same procedure to apply Hayya Card.

  5. Fill up the form on the same page.

    On the same page you will be asked to fill your passport details, contact information and address information. You can ask the Hayya card to be in delivered to your place in the same form.

  6. Review your form and Submit

    After filling all the forms kindly review it thoroughly and then submit.You Hayya card application is finished and you will get the notification of it.& business days is the SLA for Hayya Card apporval.


The Qatar Hayya Card acts as both a visa to enter Qatar and a ticket to any of the country’s stadiums (along with the match ticket). If you have a hayya card, you do not need a visa to be in Qatar for the duration of the 2018 FIFA World Cup (November 10 to December 23 of 2022). A Hayya Card is essential for both entrance into Qatar and attendance at 2018 FIFA World Cup matches. This document replaces a visa, however its validity is restricted to the duration of the event. Before travelling, you must download the Hayya mobile app on your smartphone.

During the FIFA World Cup, the Hayya Card is required to exit the airport and enter Qatar. To enter Qatar, you must complete the Qatar Entry Registration form, commonly known as the Ehteraz Pre-Entry Registration Form. As part of the Qatar COVID-19 health measures, the coronavirus will be monitored for its spread. Select if you are a Qatari, GCC, or foreign resident. Then, on the same page, you must submit a passport-sized picture of yourself and the front and back pages of your passport.

You may request that the Hayya card be given to you in the same format. It is predicted that more than one million fans would travel to Qatar for the tournament. So this was the Importance of Hayya card if you are visiting Qatar.

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