Transportation news : Qatar did trail of Bus fleet for Fifa world cup

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Qatar did trail of Bus fleet for Fifa world cup: According to an official who spoke on Tuesday, Qatar has put its enormous fleet of buses through their paces in preparation for the World Cup, which will begin in one month and draw an expected 1.2 million soccer fans to the small Gulf nation.

Thani Al Zarraa, who is in charge of coordinating the preparations for the event’s transportation, stated that around 4,000 buses would be utilized throughout the competition, which will begin on November 20 and last for one month. According to him, this number takes into account the approximately 1,000 buses that were already in operation, in addition to the 3,000 buses that were purchased specifically for the World Cup.

According to what he told The Associated Press, around 700 of the new buses would be electric. The Qatar Metro train system is another option for spectators.

The bus fleet will transport passengers between the major transportation hubs and the eight stadiums that will host the events. Over the course of the weekend, the authorities conducted tests involving around 1,800 buses that were empty of people.

Those who have the government-issued Hayya card, which is needed to get access to the stadiums, will not have to pay for their transportation costs. A feature that allows fans to organise their travels is included in an app that goes along with the game.

From the 1st of November through the 23rd of January, anybody wishing to enter Qatar will be required to have a Hayya card, even if they have no intention of attending any of the matches. Cardholders will also have access to the ability to visit the United Arab Emirates as well as Oman.

This will be the first time a country from the Arab or Muslim world will host the World Cup. Because of the vast amounts of natural gas reserves it possesses, the tiny emirate of Qatar in the Persian Gulf is one of the wealthiest countries on the planet.

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