India to Saudi Arabia via Maldives

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India. We request you to please obey all the guidelines issued by the Indian govt and that should never be breached.

India to Saudi Arabia via the Maldives – We have been flooded with the queries of people who want to enter Saudi Arabia via 3rd Country. “My AQMA is Expiring”, “I need to Join my Work”,” My visa is expiring” – Our inbox is flooded by these sentences only. Few days before people had the option to travel from Siberia and Albania but since the Canadian and US crowd is also following the same route, availability is becoming a major issue, however, now there is news from the Maldives government that they have opened their doors or South Asian nationalities 🙂 But does that mean that it will become the cheapest option to travel? Let’s figure it out.

India to Saudi Arabia Via Maldives

When is Maldives going to Open For Indians

The Maldives after being a favourite destination for Indians in Pandemic for almost a year closed all its doors for Indians in the second wave of Covid 19 around 20th May. This closure did not only closed the doors for tourists but also for the travellers who were using the Maldives as a 3rd Country to Travel to Saudi Arabia or UAE.

The Maldives

Is it safe to stay in Maldives city ?

In the last month, there are many people travelled through the Maldives to Canada and they stayed in the city, however, the local public is not happy with south Asian people coming to their respective land.

There are many Indians who were found positive In Maldives hotels and these resorts were shut due to the reason.

It should be safe, but one should be ready to be extra careful 🙂

Can one easily get Hotels in Maldives city ?

No, it is not that easy – there are many resorts that are not accepting quarantine packages and those who are accepting are quite full, one can start researching on it and try to get the valid authentic option.

How many nights one has to stay in Maldives to travel to Saudi Arabia ?

One has to stay for at least 14 nights in the Maldives to enter Saudi Arabia after doing an RTPCR test at the Maldives

Does this opening means that India to Saudi quarantine package cost will come down ?

Well, there are possibilities that if someone wants to travel from India to Saudi Arabia via the Maldives then they will have to pay Lesser cost than having a layover in Serbia. But

The situation might take a U-turn if the Maldives government decides not to open the doors of Maldives city for Indians! This rule was applicable in the months from Feb – May.

If any has already been to the Maldives or have heard about he or she might be knowing that how costly it is to be accommodated at Island resorts of Maldives even for 1 or 2 nights.

Our Agent is giving us the lower deal of India to Saudi Arabia via Maldives , should we Book it or not ?

There are many small and big agencies who are working on the 3rd Country indirect route without having proper knowledge of the current situation. If your agent is good and he is giving you a deal of India to Saudi Arabia Via Maldives then you must check –

  • New Updates from Maldives Govt
  • If the accommodation is in the city or at Island resort
  • If he has mentioned that the cancellation policy
  • Ask him if Maldives govt will not allow you to stay in City then where he will make the arrangements again and in what cost
  • Talk to our ticketing executive and get best deals as per the latest guidelines of all countries

Is RTPCR test required to travel to Maldives

Yes, RTPCR from India before 48 hours of reaching the Maldives you would need an RTPCR test to be done otherwise you won’t be allowed an entry in the Maldives

Is Maldives route the safest to travel to Saudi Arabia ?

At these unprecedented times, no route is safe to travel to any country of the world. There can be a situation that Saudi Arabia imposes a restriction on the Maldives, or the Maldives Imposes the restriction on India or vice versa. One should always prepare for this risk before booking a journey via 3rd country.

Is Insurance mandatory to travel to Maldives ?

It is required for all guests checking in to the resorts to provide a valid travel insurance document stating that all quarantine costs associated with a positive Covid-19 result will be covered by the insurance for all guests.
OR proof of purchase of the Allied Inbound plus Insurance quarantine cover 24 hours prior to arrival to the Maldives(basic cover is not sufficient, Allied Inbound + is required)
(One can check the recommended policy cover by resorts here:

What are the Forms that are required to be filled to travel to Maldives ?

Health Declaration forms at Maldives IMUGA portal. Health declaration needs to be filled at least 24 hours before departing from India

What is the cost of Covid 19 test in Maldives ?

The cost of the Covid 19 test in the Maldives will be a minimum of USD 80 in the city and can be high at island resorts. It should always be included in your layover package.

I am fully vaccinated, Will i have to get quarantined in Saudi Arabia ?

Vaccination Requirements:Travellers who are fully vaccinated do not have to enter institutional quarantine but will be required to show a health certificate as proof of vaccination.
Testing:Negative PCR test required for all countries.
Quarantine Required:Yes
Quarantine Details:Quarantined for 7 days required for all countries

Other Covid 19 policies i will have to keep in mind before entering the Saudi Arabia Kingdom

  1. MMUNE and Non immune Travelers ( except Saudi Citizens and exempted categories ) must fill out the Registration Immunization Information Form before traveling to the Kingdom through the following dedicated website: allow them to register their immunization data which will enable them to use TAWAKKALNA App.
  2. All international travellers’ guests arriving to Saudi Arabia must complete a period of (7 days) of institutional quarantine at their own expense starting from the time of arrival at the institutional quarantine facilities to the Kingdom. The following categories are exempted from the institutional quarantine:
    – Saudi citizens, citizen spouses and their mothers, citizens children and domestic workers accompanying with any of these categories.
    (Non immune travellers, in this category, shall comply with home quarantine for a period of 7 days, and be allowed to take the COVID 19 PCR test starting on the 6TH day of quarantine).
    – Non immune domestic workers accompanying an immune resident
    (Non immune Guests shall comply with home quarantine for a period of 7 days, and be allowed to take the COVID 19 PCR test starting on the 6TH day of quarantine).
    – Immune Guests of citizens and residents and their companions, resident’s wives and resident’s children those who are under the age of (18) who are not accompanied by their parents. Non –immune Guests, shall comply with Home Quarantine for 7days, and take PCR test on the 6th day of quarantine.
    – Those holding a diplomatic visa, diplomats and their residing families, and their domestic workers.
    (on the basis that they adhere to the quarantine procedures by staying in their homes in accordance to the minatory of health (MOH) approved regulations).
    – Cabin Crews
    – Those involved in health supply chains, according to MOH
    -Health practitioners working in Government sectors, their families and companions those who are under the age of 18 (Must comply with home quarantine for 7 days with 2 PCR tests, one within 24 hours and another on the 7th day).

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