Maldives Layover packages for Saudi Arabia

Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India. We request you to please obey all the guidelines issued by the Indian govt and that should never be breached.

Maldives Layover Packages for Saudi Arabia – There are people who are stuck in India and want to travel to Saudi Arabia because they have worked there. There are many people who are losing their visas because they are not able to enter Saudi Arabia. For all these people Saudi Arabia has left an option via 3rd Country. It means that people from India will have to spend 14 nights as a stopover in a 3rd country whose residents are allowed to Enter Saudi Arabia.

What are the safest 3rd country options from where Indians can travel to Saudi Arabia?

As of July 2021, there are only a few options which is safest for Indians for having a layover for 14 nights to travel to Saudi Arabia –

  • Serbia, Belgrade(Operating)
  • Maldives (Will Operate from 15th July)

Maldives Layover packages to travel to Saudi Arabia

When Should I book the Saudi Arabia quarantine Package Via Maldives?

If you can wait until 15th July, to travel to the Maldives from Saudi Arabia then you will actually get a clear picture of how the Maldives is going to open it for Indians. As in the month of April and May Indians were not allowed to enter the city and they could have only travelled to Island resorts.

How many nights’ layover is required in the Maldives for travel to Saudi Arabia ahead?

A minimum of 4 nights is required to be spent in the Maldives as a layover in order to travel to Saudi Arabia Ahead.

Is the Maldives an expensive place to spend 14 nights?

It depends on where you are getting accommodation, if it is somewhere in the city then it might be very cost-friendly but if it is in Island resorts then it may cost you pretty high to spend 14 nights there.

Are there good flight connectivities from INDIA to SAUDI ARABIA via the Maldives?

As of now, there are good flight options coming from India to Saudi Arabia Via Maldives

Shall we get a package with all meals in the Maldives for 14 nights?

Yes, it is very important to get a package with all meals if you are staying there otherwise you will have to spend on a daily basis and might not be able to get the same quantity of food.

Will I have to get quarantined for 14 nights after reaching the Maldives?

If your stay is in the city then you might have to wait for the notification from the Maldives govt, if you are staying in an island resort then you don’t have to get quarantined but Island hopping is also not allowed. You will have to be on one island only for 14 nights.

What is the quarantine policy after reaching Saudi Arabia?

  1. IMMUNE and Non-immune Travelers ( except Saudi Citizens and exempted categories ) must fill out the Registration Immunization Information Form before travelling to the Kingdom through the following dedicated website: to allow them to register their immunization data which will enable them to use TAWAKKALNA App.
  2. All international travellers’ guests arriving in Saudi Arabia must complete a period of (7 days) of institutional quarantine at their own expense starting from the time of arrival at the institutional quarantine facilities in the Kingdom. The following categories are exempted from the institutional quarantine:
    – Saudi citizens, citizen spouses and their mothers, citizens’ children and domestic workers accompanying any of these categories.
    (Non-immune travellers, in this category, shall comply with home quarantine for a period of 7 days, and be allowed to take the COVID 19 PCR test starting on the 6TH day of quarantine).
    – Non-immune domestic workers accompanying an immune resident
    (Non-immune Guests shall comply with home quarantine for a period of 7 days, and be allowed to take the COVID 19 PCR test starting on the 6TH day of quarantine).
    – Immune Guests of citizens and residents and their companions, residents’ wives and residents’ children those who are under the age of (18) who are not accompanied by their parents. Non –immune Guests, shall comply with Home Quarantine for 7 days, and take a PCR test on the 6th day of quarantine.
    – Those holding a diplomatic visa, diplomats and their residing families, and their domestic workers.
    (on the basis that they adhere to the quarantine procedures by staying in their homes in accordance with the minatory of health (MOH) approved regulations).
    – Cabin Crews
    – Those involved in health supply chains, according to MOH
    -Health practitioners working in Government sectors, their families and companions who are under the age of 18 (Must comply with home quarantine for 7 days with 2 PCR tests, one within 24 hours and another on the 7th day).

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