Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

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When you are in Kasauli, feel the cool breeze on your face and begin to breathe. It is close to Chandigarh, which governs the foothills of the Himalayas. Here, the road there is just as picturesque as the final destination. So, is a trip to Kasauli worthwhile?

Is Kasauli worth Visiting

Is it worth visiting Kasauli ?

Yes, Kasauli is worth visiting if you want to spend some amazing moments in some not too commercial destinations in Himachal.
Though Kasauli is a small town, it has got its own beauty and charm . However, it is not required to stay the night if your schedule is busy.
One day trip is enough to enjoy the beautiful destination.

Is food easily available in Kasauli ?

Yes food is quite easily available . It is a good market to explore where you will good Himachali and Punjabi dishes .

What are the places to see in Kasauli ?

Gurkha Fort
Timber Trail
Heritage and The Mall Market
Nature Walks
Toy Train Ride
Gilbert’s Nature Trail

Let us talk about some awesome excursions of Kasauli –

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Gurkha Fort:

This historic fort may be found in Himachal Pradesh’s Parwanoo forest, which is covered with beautiful greenery. This fort is conveniently located about 16 kilometres from Parwanoo.
This historic fort is situated on the outskirts of Kasauli and is encircled by a thick forest. It is a fantastic location for photographers to practice their craft and is located 4500 feet above sea level.
You can also take a stroll through the adjacent villages, which are serene, orderly, and lovely. If you enjoy hiking, this is the perfect area to go.

Gorkha Fort Kasauli
Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

Timber Trail :

Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

On the road from Chandigarh to Kasauli, one may see this timber trail. This should be on your list if you are travelling with kids.
Your perfect perspective of the Himalayan mountains and lush valleys will be provided by the ropeway. This 1.8 kilometre ropeway known as the Timber Trail cable car.
Don’t forget to bring your camera—you’ll adore this specific breathtaking, exotic vista.

Heritage and The Mall Market:

You may get a sense of Shimla’s mall road by visiting this tiny lane-based mall market. This place is wonderful for picking up gifts and some seriously amazing local goods.
In Pasadena, there were typically 8 to 10 stores per block, but today, that number is growing daily.

You should definitely try Maggie and Momo’s adventure here! The very renowned Kasauli Club is located in the main market of Kasauli, which is surrounded by lush greenery.

Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

Nature Walks:

This can easily be considered as one of the top things to do in Kasauli. Kasauli’s air is full of love and romance and that’s why nature walk can also be a perfect place for photo sessions .

Nature Walks

Bring your loved ones or life partner to enjoy the romantic exotic feel of it .Walk through from Lower Mall up to Kimmughat & Sunset point and around the Sanatorium, the Lover’s Lane, and the cantonment area.

The walk in this is composed and refreshing which also offers the best sweeping views of Himalayan peaks in the distance.

Toy Train Ride:

Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

If you want to make your trip a little unique and charming then experience toy train . It is rich by heritage as toy train ride between the two stations is full of romance. From here, you can travel up to Dharampur and take the train up to Barog . This ride through the hills tunnels, pine forests, gorges, and small hilly villages is a dreamy encounter.

This toy train is a World Heritage which was declared by UNESCO . It is definitely a rejoicing ride and one of the captivating tourist attractions in Kasauli. You can see the longest tunnel at Barog which is almost 3 minutes long.

  • Toy Train TimingsThe train times keep on changing.

Gilbert’s Nature Trail:

Here you will see the mountains and the gorge , it is one of the most thrilling experiences in Kasauli. Here there is a suicide point at the end of the trail .As the name suggests it is quite dull and looks like a place in the middle of nowhere!

Gilbert Trail
Is Kasauli worth visiting ?

The feel of a cool breeze will rumple your hairpiece while you walk among this thrilling trail is beautiful.

The Sunset point is just near the trail. People usually feel better to head to Gilbert’s trail instead of Sunset Point as the main reason is that the upper mall area is the sunset point in itself

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