Is vaccination certificate generated from COVA app valid ?

Covid certificate from Cova App

Covid certificate from Cova App– The COVA App is a Corona Virus Alert App which has been created by Government of Punjab to offer its population with precautionary care knowledge, vaccine communication and other government recommending.

How corona vaccination Certificate can be downloaded from Punjab govt’s Cova App ?

One is required to download Cova App from Play store or Apple store . After the installation one is required to sign up using the same mobile number which was shared at the time of getting vaccinated .

Once you will login to the app you will have to click on 3 lines on top left side of screen , there the 5th option will be COVID vaccine registration. Click on Covid vaccine registration and you will get the option of Manage previous registrations. Here you will be able to get your vaccine certificate .

Is Covid vaccination Certificate from Punjab Govt Valid all over India ?

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Though Covid certificate generated from Punjab govt COVA app is not getting verified on central govt’s COWIN website or app but it will be treated as a valid vaccination certificate around the country .

Is Covid vaccination certificate from COVA app valid to travel abroad ?

Yes , the provisional COVID vaccine certificate of Punjab Govt will be treated valid if you are travelling abroad .

Why is COVA app COVID 19 vaccine certificate’s format is different from central govt certificates format ?

As per the authorities, as of now both central govt and state govt will be running their individual vaccination programs. You must have got the vaccination under state govt program because of which your certificate’s format is different from central govt certificate format.

There are constant amendments in the vaccination policy and this information was updated in the first week of May 2021

From where can i get more information about certificate generated on Cova App ?

One can write a mail on “” to get more information about vaccination program and certificate generated.

Is it only Punjab state that is using its own format of vaccination certificate ?

No there are other state governments also that is using their own vaccination certificate format, hence Punjab is not the only state to do it. For example Chattisgarh government is also using its CGteeka portal which generates different format of vaccination certificate compared to central governments format.

Should i choose between getting vaccinated from State govt program or central govt program in order to get central govt certificate of vaccination ?

There is no point choosing between central govt or state govt vaccination as both are valued same. We would urge everyone to get vaccinated ASAP without any second thought. All the measures taken by state and central govt is for the betterment of Punjab & India 🙂

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  1. Diljot

    Hi, Thanks for the info. I wanted to follow up on the question regarding the certificate received from Cova app being valid for traveling abroad. Can you please shed more light on this i.e. Have you seen this getting accepted for someone or any other sort of validation regarding this

  2. LestacWorld

    Dear Mr Diljot,

    There was an email sent on “” however there is no response yet . Then we called few international airports of India and as per them “If it is a valid certificate be it from Indian govt or state govt then it will be treated genuine”.

    However you will also have to get it checked with the country you are travelling to . We would recommend communicating on e-mails with respective airports & immigrations about Vaccine validation before planning any trip .

    Hope this answers your question


  3. Rohit

    Thanks for it ! I was actually worries about it – Hope this format will remain Valid forever

  4. Gurpreet kaur sahota

    Can i make correction in my cova vaccine certificate?

  5. Lestacworld

    Please send your concern at – “” , you should get revert within a week.

  6. Ramandeep kaur

    how i can check COVA vaccination certificate is valid in Canada?

    1. LestacWorld

      Ms Ramandeep Kaur, To check the validity in Canada, you will have to get this verified at embassy and your university or With your employer.


    2. Deeksha kumari

      Have u reached canada dear ?

  7. Lakhveer singh

    Dear team today I got vaccine certificate with aadhar card and now I want update passport number instead of aadhar card for foreign travell.
    Can it possible?
    Please suggest

    Thanks and regards
    Lakhveer singh

    1. LestacWorld

      Dear Lakhveer,

      As of now there is no provision shared by govt about this type of amendment, however we would suggest you to email on “” and share your concern. You may get a reply back with solution.


  8. shubham chawla

    can i transfer my vaccine certificate from Punjab cova app to national portal cowin portal if it is possible then please help me to do this

  9. LestacWorld

    Dear Shubham ,

    We suggest sharing your concern over “” . There are very much chances that you will get solution here 🙂


  10. Sukhdeep

    Name of my friend on her certificate is incorrect…but there is not option like Editing…we want to change it…because she is travelling abroad…please reply…if any one know something about it

  11. Harvinder

    I want to travel abroad but authority rejected my certificate reason is that my first dose certificate not linked w ith cowin is there is solution to link my punjab govt certificate with cowin so get approval

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