Safe route for parents travelling to USA from India !

Safe route for parents travelling to USA from India – Due to the restrictions on travel from India to USA many people are stranded in India for months. There is a category in these people who are old and wants to travel to their children in the USA but due to lack of information and resources, they are still stranded. It is very important to understand the concern of this category of people and that is why we are coming with services for elderly people.

Here we want to clear that our executives can make all travel arrangements but we are not Visa experts, the question that “will my parents be allowed to enter USA” is not in our syllabus. We recommend instead of asking anyone another person who will just speculate, it is always better to get it confirmed by the embassy 🙂

Route for Parents travelling to USA from India

We are flooded with the queries of people who want their old parents to be with them and also of parents who want to be their children in USA, and that is why we worked on the packages that can comfortably help old people to travel from India to USA via 3rd country.

Which is the safest route for my parents to travel to USA from India ?

Well, we would want to mention it in Bold that “In this covid times every route is not 100% safe” in terms of Bans, quarantines and Covid cases. However, we have already served many travellers from India to USA via Mexico and no one ever faced any issues. But does that mean that Mexico is the only safest 3rd country route for your parents?

No, As per our experience of serving people via different routes we actually realised that Serbia can also be the game-changer. Serbia is a peaceful Eu country with an Arrival visa for Indians and additionally, they are also accepting Indians with few quarantine conditions obviously.

We have rated countries on the basis of comfort, Safety and flexibility as per our experiences –


Sri Lanka



How we can make travel from India to USA via 3rd country routes comfortable and safe for your parents ?

Sanitised Airport Transfers for Layover

We take off –

  • Trained Chauffeur
  • Sanitised Car
  • Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene

RTPCR testing at Hotel only

Where ever possible we prioritise getting RTPCR test done at the hotel only instead of your parents going to hospitals or test centres which can be too risky for them.

Hotels for Layover

Measures that will surely be taken hotels where your parents will be accommodated:)
  • Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene
  • Hand Sanitiser Station
  • Protective Barriers
  • Social Distancing
  • Ensuring adequate Air Circulation
  • Preventing contact infection
  • Appropriate checks for guests
  • Higher food safety standards
  • Health check
  • Trained Staff

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