Layover Packages for Maldives to travel to Canada
Layover Packages for Maldives to travel to Canada

Layover packages of Maldives to travel to Canada !

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Please be noted – As per Indian authorities, if your flight is under Air Bubble, then you should have a return ticket and you are expected to come back to India . We request you to please obey with all the guidelines issued by Indian govt and that should never be breached.

There are students and Valid Visa holders in India who wants to travel to Canada but as per the new rules are not able to do that . These people are using a 3rd Country indirect route to Canada .

In the month of May when there was a flight ban, Indian travel industry started inventing new routes to travel to Canada and few of them are Via Serbia, Via Albania, Ethiopia, UAE , Muscat , Mexico etc etc , now we are in July and most of these countries have either put India in Ban list or flights are already booked.

Now with the announcement of Maldives opening its borders for Indians, people are expecting cost of package to come down compared to what they are paying for Belgrade or Albania.

Layover packages of Maldives

For country like Canada one wont need a stopover of More than 2 or 3 nights depending on the flight connections they are getting. One is just required to do RTPCR test and get negative result to travel to Canada further .

Maldives Layover packages for CanadaLinks of Maldives Layover packages of Canada
3 Nights Layover at Maldives for Canada
2 Nights Layover at Maldives for Canada
How many nights lay over is required in Maldives for travel to Canada ahead ?

There is no layover 3rd Country condition to travel to Canada, they just want you to do your RTPCR test from country other than India.

Is Maldives an expensive place to spend 1 or 2 nights ?

It depends on where you are getting accommodation, if it is somewhere at city then it might be very cost friendly but if it is in Island resorts then it may cost you pretty high to spend 2-3 nights there.

Are there good flight connectivities from INDIA to Canada via Maldives ?

Well , from India to Maldives there are ample of flights however from Maldives to Canada a good option is required to be checked

Will i have to get quarantined when i am in Layover at Maldives ?

No, there is no quarantine rule in Maldives , but if you are staying in city then you should recheck the latest update

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    Is there any layover package or full travel package from India to Canada after 21 July?

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