Can I travel to USA with Covaxin Vaccination?

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Can I travel to USA with Covaxin Vaccination? – In India, there are 3 approved vaccinations that are being administered to the population. Where Covid shield popularly known as AstraZeneca is internationally approved and accepted, Covaxin is yet to be approved.

Because Covaxin is not internationally recognised, travellers who have got that are worrying about their international itineraries.

One shall always be abiding by laws of govt and embassy to enter any country, in our articles we provide suggestions as per the rules and policies of countries which lawfully permits travellers to travel to the final destination in Covid times. We still recommend getting in touch with the respective embassies to have final confirmation.

Can I travel to USA with Covaxin Vaccination?

Things are changing rapidly and we would recommend you to check on the official US websites before making any decisions about travel.

At the moment when we are writing this article on 18th August 2021, there is no requirement to be vaccinated to enter the USA. However, if someone is travelling on a visitor visa and taking a 3rd country route then they will have to check the requirements of that 3rd country.

Can I also travel via Indirect route to the USA with Covaxin Jab?

One can enter the USA, with or without the Covaxin jab at the moment. However if one is travelling via any indirect route then one should check if that 3rd country is accepting travellers with Covaxin jab. For example, if someone wants to travel from India to the USA via Qatar then with Cavaxin jab they are not allowed to enter Qatar.

Is there a chance that the US will make Vaccination compulsory in future?

It is going to happen anyway and not only for the US but for all the countries around the world. There will be a time when a vaccination certificate will hold the same importance as a passport to travel internationally or within the country. However, we are not sure when the US is going to make it a mandate to enter its boundaries.

When is Covaxin going to be approved internationally?

Covaxin has shown very good results in all the researches and stands equal to the Covid shield. However, the WHO is not keen on giving it approval. It might take more than half of the year for it to be recognised internationally or even more than that.

What are the Indirect routes from where people vaccinated with Caxin can enter the USA from India?

Though Covaxin at the moment is recognised only in India, however, there are few countries that allow people from India to enter their country even without vaccination. Few of the countries like these can become feasible possible options for Indians to travel to the USA after spending 14 nights.

Examples of Countries that can be used as 3rd country to enter the USA for people vaccinated with Covaxin

  • India to USA via Serbia
  • India to USA via Costa Rica
  • India to USA via Maldives
  • India to USA via Albania
  • India to USA via Mexico

Shall one prioritise on the Covid Shield vaccine instead of the Covaxin, if there are future plans to travel International?

Though at the moment, it is important to get vaccinated even if it is Covaxin or Covid Shield, however, if someone has plans to travel to any international destination near future then it is always better to go for Covid Shied as that is internationally recognised 🙂

Difference between Covaxin & Covidshield?

Covaxin Covid Shield
As per the phase 3 trial, the effect of COVACCINE is 78% – 100%. As per the reports, this is 70% -90%. effected
18 years is the eligibility at few places, children above 12 years are also getting it
It is not internationally recognised It is internationally recognised and is know as Atra Zenica in most countries
It is invented and manufactured in IndiaIt is manufactured in India, however, invented by international scientists
This injection is administered to you in 4-6 weeks.The second dose has to be taken after 84 days of the first dose
Difference Between Covid Shield and Covaccine

What are the steps taken by the Indian govt to get Covaxin approved internationally ?

As per Bharat Biotech, “90 per cent of the documentation required” for WHO’s authorisation for Emergency Use Listing, has been submitted.

“The remaining was also submitted in June and July,” it said, adding that it is “confident of getting clearance subsequently.”

Bharat Biotechhas further added that regulatory approvals are expected by July – September 2021.

The WHO has said that it needs more documents to complete the process. TheirGuidance Documentsays that while the EOI (Expression of Interest) has been submitted, there is still “more information required.”

What are the USA approved vaccinations?

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca/Covishield
  • Moderna
  • Johnson and Johnson

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