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Checklist for travel to India to USA via Serbia

CheckList to travel from India to the USA Via Serbia?

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CheckList to travel from India to the USA Via Serbia – There are many people who are travelling from India to the USA via Serbia due to the travel ban on direct flights. There is a lack of knowledge which is affecting the travel plans of people so we realised to prepare the checklist which might help you keep your plan sorted 🙂

CheckList to travel from India to the USA Via Serbia !

Important points to be noted as per official policies of Serbia

  • It is always recommended to reach at-least 4 hours before at airport for any international flight in your itinerary.
  • One is required to get tested within 48 hours of arrival time at Serbia,test should be done by approved laboratory that provides reports with Valid QR codes
  • You are required to fill this Epidemiologic surveillance registration for foreigners form before travelling, other wise you wont be allowed to board
  • You need to present An e-mail received after registration via following link, section „Foreigners Surveillance Registration“, as a proof of successful registration prior to arrival to Serbia.
  • You need to take a printout before travelling in which should be filled in and personally signed statement of consent  of acceptance of quarantine measures at home
  • Upon entering the country, you will need to quarantine for 7 days.

Important recommendations which should be followed –

  • If you are going on visitor visa to USA, then it is mandatory for you to travel back in 6 months, so it is very important to get return ticket booked
  • As all the bookings have been done thoroughly as per the guidelines of AIrlines, Airports and Embassies but as we have expereinced that airlines staff is some times not updated about the rules and they create issues. It is strongly recommended to take printout of all the pages where offical information and guidelines about the travel is mentioned
  • One should always check the passport Validity before initiating any travel
  • There should always be enough pages available on your passport for imigration stamps, otherwise they might ask you not to board
  • One should carry enough money to be able to spend 14 nights in Serbia comfortably, we have seen imigration asking people to show the proof . Once can also keep International Debit card , forex card with Valid proof of money in it
  • While checkin in Serbian Hotel, reception might ask you to sign the consent form that you will be following all terms and conditions of quarantine in Hotel
  • Mask is mandatory in Serbia , so if one is going out after 7 days then please use mask
  • Serbian Temprature varies between 21-37 C , it will be a moderate climate
  • There are many food delivery apps in Serbia, Hotel rececption will help and suggest you best 🙂
  • If there are any regular medicines you are having, we recommend to keep it in checkin baggage and get prescription from doctor

Important F&Q’s

What type of chargers socket is used in Serbia?

Which currency is easily acceptable in Serbia?

Euro is easily acceptable in Serbia 🙂 USD can also work however at some places one might face issues with it

Can I explore Serbia after completing 7 days of my quarantine?

yes, once you will receive your Covid negative report on the 7th day, you can explore the nearby places. However, we would recommend being in the hotel only as your final destination will be the USA and no one would want to get stuck again because of Covid

Is getting insurance mandatory to travel to the USA via Serbia?

Yes, insurance is mandatory and might prove quite helpful in case of any medical issues, an insurance of minimum Euro 20000 Sum assured is required.

Can I carry ready to eat food to Serbia?

Yes, one can carry ready to eat food in Serbia, which can be cooked easily in Kettle. One should take care that the kettle should not be damaged otherwise hotel may claim for it.

How many RTPCR tests are required to be done while our stay in Serbia?

3 RTPCR tests will be required to be done, 1st day, 7th Day and for your departure to the USA

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