India to USA via SriLanka

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India to USA via Sri Lanka – Due to the presidential proclamation imposed by the US, anyone from India, China, South Africa, European Schengen countries and Brazil cannot enter US if flying directly. Only US citizens, people who have valid NIE approval and legal guardians of permanent residents in USA aged 21 years or less can travel to USA from the above-mentioned countries.

People on B1/B2 visas are flying from countries like Qatar, Serbia, Maldives to get entry into USA. One is required to stay 14 nights in a 3rd country (which is not under the proclamation) to enter the USA. This type of travel is also usually called Indirect travel to reach the final destination.

What are the indirect routes from India to USA

Famous indirect routes from India to USA via Indirect routes are –

  • India to USA via Maldives
  • India to USA via Serbia
  • India to USA via Doha, Qatar
  • India to USA Moscow
  • India USA via Costa Rica
  • India to USA via Srilanka

India to USA via SriLanka

India to USA via Sri Lanka – Yes today we are going to discuss this route. On 19th August 2021 as per the latest update from Sri Lankan authorities, it is opening for vaccinated Indians with few if’s & but’s.

Are Indians allowed to Enter Sri Lanka?

Only Fully Vaccinated Indian tourists and international tourists arriving from India are permitted under this route. Non-Vaccinated or Partially Vaccinated travellers are not considered. No prior approval is required from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Civil Aviation Authority.

Is there any quarantine rule for Indians after entering Sri- Lanka?

No, as of now there is no Quarantine rule for Indians after entering Sri Lanka. One will have to stay at “L1 Safe and Secure” 3 stars or above category hotel.

For how many nights one will have to stay in Sri Lanka if they want to travel to USA?

One will have to stay in Sri Lanka for at least 15 nights to travel to the USA from there. As per the USA policies anyone with travel history in India, Brazil, Schengen countries, UK (few external countries near the UK) and South Africa in last 14 days then that person is not allowed to enter the USA. To comply with this one will have a stay for 14 nights our of these countries. However, we recommend keeping buffer time for all formalities and make it 15 nights.

What things are required to be considered to travel from India to USA via Sri Lanka?

Fully Vaccinated Travelers from India who have completed the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccination and arriving after 2 weeks of completion of vaccination will be considered under this route. COVID 19 recovered passengers travelling to Sri Lanka with one shot of vaccine will be considered as ‘fully vaccinated’. The vaccination certificate should indicate that the vaccination course has been completed following the administration of one dose. Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin is acceptable.

Prior to boarding, travellers are required to:

a. Have a valid tourist visa before boarding a flight. All visas must be applied online. Visit

b. Before applying for a visa, ensure you have the following.

i. A pre-paid booking at an “L1 Safe and Secure” 3 Star or above category hotel for the first 2 Days until the on-arrival PCR test is performed.

A pre-paid booking/s at 3 stars or above category hotel/s for the rest of stay. Hotel booking/s could be made directly with the hotel or through ‘Safe & Secure’ certified travel Please visit for information.

ii. Pay for the mandatory COVID-19 local travel insurance cover at USD 12 for a policy of USD 50,000 up to a period of one month (including children below 2 years).

iii. Pay for the on-arrival PCR test (USD 40 per PCR test). Children below 2 years are excluded from PCR tests.

iv. Please visit to pay for your COVID 19 Insurance & PCR tests. Also to obtain your unique tourism reference number required to apply for the visa.

c. Have a negative PCR test done within 72 hours prior to embarkation (Children below 2 years are excluded).

d. Airport transfers to be arranged by either the respective Certified Safe & Secure hotel or Certified Safe & Secure travel agent.

Can one with Covaxin travel to USA via Sri Lanka from India?

As per the official circular “Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin is acceptable”. This clearly means people who have got Covaxin dose can travel to USA via SriLanka from India.

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What documents are required to be shown at airport to travel to Sri Lanka ?

Documents that are required to be shown at airport to travel to Sri Lanka are –

a. Negative COVID-19 PCR test report (English) taken within 72 hours prior to embarkation

(excludes children below 2 years).

b. Original vaccination certificate/card.

c. Completed Health Declaration Form.

What is the RTPCR test rule after entering in Sri- Lanka ?

On arrival PCR test & leaving the bubble:

a. On arrival PCR test is performed at your “L1 Safe and Secure” 3 star or above category hotel and upon a negative on Arrival PCR test report, travelers can leave the bio-bubble. The respective hotel doctor or Hotel Management will issue a “Discharge Document” upon verifying the status of vaccination and PCR test results.

b. The travelers are required to continue the rest of their stay at 3 star or above category hotels.

c. Un vaccinated Children between 2-18 years are allowed to leave the bio-bubble with fully vaccinated parents upon a negative on arrival (Day 1) PCR test. However, these children should undergo a COVID-19 PCR test (arranged by the Hotel) on Day 10 after arriving in Sri Lanka from a Ministry of Health approved Private Sector or State Sector Laboratory. The results should be immediately informed to the area MOH by telephone or email.

Are there good flight connections from Sri Lanka to USA?

Airlines like, Qatar Airways, Sri Lankan Airlines and Emirates that does not transit through Europe can be the good options for people from India to travel to USA via Srilanka.

One can check flight connections on cheapo Air

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