Is return ticket to India required from Maldives or Doha, Qatar even if one has onwards tickets ?

Is return ticket to India required from Maldives even if one has onwards tickets ? – Well this is the question that is making every traveller Crazy. They are curious to know that if they are having a onward ticket and is not coming back to India then why they will have to show return ticket at Airport 🙂 Well Lets figure it out .

Is Return ticket to India required from Maldives or Doha, Qatar even if one has onwards tickets ?

Yes, return ticket is required when you travel from India to Doha or Maldives but only if you are seeking an on arrival visa . As per the Air Bubble agreement if Indian airlines carriers are taking passengers to any country with which India has signed agreement and the passenger is seeking on arrival visa then return ticket is required to be shown. as of July 26th .

Will i be granted a Transit Visa or Tourism Visa, if i am using Maldives or Qatar as a 3rd country to reach out to my final destination ?

You will be travelling as a tourist in this case and would get an on arrival visa for tourism purpose on the basis of Hotel vouchers , return tickets , RTPCR test and if applicable vaccination certificate.

If we are holding a return ticket, but in real we are travelling onward to our final destination, does that mean we are lying with the authorities ?

We have seen local travel agents forcing travellers to lie in front of Airlines and immigration ! But would that help ? One should never try to manipulate with officials and that too on the words of someone who himself dont know why he is asking you to lie .

Guys there is not point hiding truth here, as airlines and immigration officers are more experienced, equipped and educated than you in this particular topic. They actually know where are you travelling with a Canadian stamp on your passport, 40 kg’s luggage and with a nervous face.

It is just an airlines agreement which will be breached if you will not show the return ticket, Embassy is not bothered , immigration does not have any thing to do with it 🙂

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Why Return ticket to India is required from Maldives & Doha

Does return ticket rule apply for countries like Mexico , Serbia, Albania , Ukraine and Uzbekistan ?

If you are travelling to any country which is having an air bubble agreement with India and you seeking on arrival visa in that country then you would need a return ti show to Airlines 🙂

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  1. Hamza

    Do i need a return ticket means from doha to delhi back if i am flying to canada via doha

  2. Samir

    My client (Student Visa ) travlling to Canada via Maldives and taken 1 day halt. Do he require return ticket ?
    Next day he dparting from Maldives to Canada via he can taken this routing. Kindly suggest if any restriction at maldives Airport/ Canada Airport.


  3. MunirParekh

    I will be traveling to Doha From Mumbai with my family i have hotel booking for 14 night at movenpick hotel and confirmed onward tickect to Saudi arabia by Qatar airways. We are all fully vacainatede in saudi arabia. Do i still need return ticket back to Mumbai.

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