Can I travel to USA on B1/B2 Visa?

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Can I travel to USA on B1/B2 Visitor Visa during Covid? – There are a lot of people on B1/B2 visa who are stuck in their native countries and wants to enter the USA. Most of these are families that are seeking to reunite. However, due to Covid restriction, people from specific counties are not allowed to enter the USA.

One shall always be abiding by laws of govt and embassy to enter any country, in our articles we provide suggestions as per the rules and policies of countries which lawfully permits travellers to travel to the final destination in Covid times. We still recommend getting in touch with the respective embassies to have final confirmation.

Countries from where people on B1/B2 visa are not allowed to enter USA –

Can I travel to USA on B1/B2 Visa during Covid bans ?

Well, though from the above-mentioned countries one cannot enter directly to the USA on B1/B2 visa. There is still an option for these travellers.

What is the option for travellers holding B1/b2 visa to enter the USA during Covid ?

Travellers with B1/B2 visas from restricted countries can enter the USA through 3rd country indirect route. One will have to spend 14 days in a country that is not on the restricted list of the USA. For example, Indians are travelling from India to Serbia for 14 nights and then are travelling to the USA.

Is it a legitimate way of entering USA for B1/B2 visa holder to travel Via indirect route?

There is nothing wrong with staying in a 3rd country that is not under the US ban list. It is totally legitimate and many travellers have already reached.

Is it that easy to travel to the USA via the 3rd country indirect route for B1/B2 visa holders?

Though it seems like a Cup of cake, it is not! One will have to take care of so many factors while designing this type of travel. Even one missed factor may lead to an invalid itinerary and we have seen people bearing losses.

For example –

  • Figuring out 3rd country
  • Entry requirements of 3rd country
  • Airelines policies for international travel
  • Visa Requirements
  • Govt policies
  • RTPCR assistance
  • Approved Hotels and Legitemacy
  • New Upcoming Rules
  • Medical
  • Insurance
  • Food Transit countries
  • Layover Policies
  • Imigration rules

As per our recommendation, one should always get in touch with an expert 🙂

When should restricted countries expect direct flights opening for B1/B2 visa holders to travel to USA?

Things can take a U-turn at any time, however, at the moment cases are increasing in the USA which is fading hopes. There is a lot of political pressure on the USA from all restricted countries but as of now from the last few months nothing really happened.

What are the possible indirect routes for B1/B2 visa holders to enter USA from restricted countries ?

Below are possible indirect routes for B1/B2 Visa holders to enter USA from restricted countries –

  • Via Serbia
  • Via maldives
  • Via Costa Rica
  • Via Albania
  • Via Doha
  • Via Ukraine
  • Egypt

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