7 Days Quarantine Package in Serbia !

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The rule of 7 days Quarantine for anyone travelling from India to Serbia has been lifted with effect of 28 August .

7 Days Quarantine Package in Serbia – Due to a surprising amendment in the quarantine policies for Indians arriving in Serbia many students and work visa holders are again being harassed as their booked flight tickets became invalid due to this change.

Now people are forced to Book 7 Days quarantine package in Serbia which is again an issue as already there is only 8500 room Capacity in Belgrade and not only the people who are flying to Canada are choosing this route, but it is also being chosen by the people who are travelling to Saudi Arabia, UAE and USA.

it is making it quite difficult to get accommodation in Serbia for 7 Days.

7 Days Quarantine Package in Belgrade, Serbia

Can i travel to Serbia now and stay for 7 days and fly to Canada ?

Yes if you have Valid Visa documents and hotel reservations then you can stay in Serbia for 7 nights and fly to Canada after that.

Is there any other rules imposed that needs to be taken care of once i reach Belgrade, Serbia ?

Before entering the country, you are obliged to fulfil, print and signed a Statement of consent which is publicly available on the website Institute of Public Health “Dr Milan Jovanovic Batut”

(http://www.batut.org.rs/download/aktuelno/STATEMENTOFCONSENT09072021engl.pdf). By signing it, you will consent to be placed in quarantine for the period of 7 days, two RT – PCR tests conducted by staff from the reference laboratory of the Republic of Serbia, and you will be required to follow all the relevant COVID – 19 mitigation measures in place. You will not be allowed to enter the Republic of Serbia unless you sign the statement of consent and present it to the Border Police. Upon arrival to your address of residence in the Republic of Serbia (both residents and foreigners) Upon entering the country, you will need to quarantine for 7 days. Quarantine means that you will stay at the address stated in the Foreigners Surveillance Registration form. Residents are staying at the address which they informed the public institute. You must go to your address of residence without delay. If you are staying in a hotel, apartment or any other real estate that is not owned by you, you are obliged to give a signed Statement of Consent to the owner of your accommodation, hotel reception or a representative of the relevant agency organizing your trip to the Republic of Serbia. On the first and seventh day, staff from the reference laboratory of the Republic of Serbia will come to your residence address (the one entered at the eHealth portal), and conduct the RT – PCR tests. If any of them come positive, domestic regulations apply, in which case you will be informed of them. If you are coming as part of an organized group, the price of the tests will be included in the price of your holiday package. If you are coming as an independent tourist, you will have to pay for the two tests on the spot. Their price is 9000 RSD each. Upon the receipt of a negative RT – PCR test result on the seventh day of your quarantine, you will officially be released from quarantine and allowed to move freely in the Republic of Serbia. You will still need to follow all the relevant COVID – 19 mitigation measures in place and remain vigilant

What should be included in 7 days package to Serbia ?

What should be Included in 7 days Quarantine Package of Serbia ?

  • 7 days Accommodation in a govt approved Hotel in Serbia
  • 2 RTPCR tests
  • Airport transfers
  • Full Board Meals

Above is the necessity of 7 days quarantine layover of Serbia 🙂

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