Business Class travel arrangements from India to Canada via 3rd Country

Business Class travel arrangements from India to Canada via 3rd country indirect route – People who actually would want to travel from India to Canada because they were stuck in India or due to an emergency who also be worried about travelling safe in the pandemic times. People who can afford, are travelling with first class high end arrangements for their whole Journey.

Business Class travel from India to Canada via 3rd Country

Business Class Tickets from India to Canada

There are people who travels only in Business class tickets for their journeys and we understand how important this comfort is for you. We assure business class tickets for the these travellers even in difficult times.

Few Benefits of Business Class Tickets

  • Priority checkins
  • Additional Baggage Allowance
  • Business Class Lounge
  • Priority Boarding
  • Bigger Better Seat
  • Fine Dining

All these services depends on the airlines we are choosing for !

VIP assistance at layover Countries Airport

We provide VIP assistance at your layover Airport, once you will de board the air craft you will be see your assistant with PLA card of your name :). He will assist you with all the formalities at airport and will make you feel comfortable . Once all your baggage and visa formalities will be over, he will connect you with your chauffeur and then his services will be completed.

Luxury Cabs for Airport to Hotel transfers

We usually arrange high end cabs for our luxury clients . Your chauffeur will be well trained and masked. Your luxury cab will be –

  • Sanitised before your board it
  • Equipped with safety measures
  • Fully cleaned & Hygiene

Luxury Hotels for your layover

For your layover we arrange only those Luxury 5* hotels that takes care of all health care measurements. These hotels will keep a check of your health check ups also . We arrange layover packages for interested travellers in 5* luxury resorts where they take care of all Covid 19 measures to make sure that you are safe in their premises.

  • Increased Level of Cleanliness / Hygiene
  • Hand Sanitiser Station
  • Protective Barriers
  • Social Distancing
  • Ensuring adequate Air Circulation
  • Preventing contact infection
  • Appropriate checks for guests
  • Higher food safety standards
  • Health check
  • Trained Staff

RTPCR testing while you are in Layover for next departure

Though we always try to take care that you dont have to leave your hotel to get you RTPCR test done but due to different rules in some countries you might have to go to testing centres also . But dont worry if it will be the case our safe and sanitised luxury cab will take care of that 🙂 .

Your favourite Meals while you are on your layover stay

Our executive will discuss with you about your meal priorities and we will make sure that you get your favourite cuisine while you are on your layover stay.

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